Thursday, April 30, 2009


It's 4.43am and I just finished doing the E-Filing ... Wifey's E-Filing pulak tu!

Arianna is having fever and she just vomited the fever medicine I gave her together with 5oz of milk she had prior to the panadol.

I am supposed to go to the office today for the 7am shift. It's my first day of the week while it is TGIThursday for Wifey.

Have fun!


salam said...

i wait till the last minute and did not found the password. mmm, at last I fill the form manually and sent it using post express, good luck to me..

syaz said...

rumet.. anak aku pun muntah kalau kasik panadol for baby/kids tu.. pahit lah! try ubat lain lah..

rumet said...

die ok with the panadol syrup... die muntah sebab die tak pandai buang kahak...

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