Tuesday, April 07, 2009

How to anti slip your toilet

When the kids are able to go to the toilet on their own, it is good to consider anti-slipping your toilet. Like Arianna for example, she would climb the toilet bowl on her own even though it is not her eight yet to do so. And after she is done doing her business, she will be running out of the toilet. We had 2 occurrence when she fell down on the toilet's floor.

One option for you to anti slip your floor is PYE Anti-Slip Colourless Floor Coating.

This product does not come cheap. It'll cost you around RM60 per bottle of 200ml. I got it for RM55. The whole bottle can cover a surface up to 20 square meters. It is recommended to apply 2 coats so the total surface coverage would be half of the published sum.

The box comes in with the liquid, one brush and masking tape. It has a Step by Step Guide to apply the anti-slip as well. According to the hardware store guy, there's two method that you can choose from to apply the anti-slip.

1) Apply the anti-slip on alternate tiles. In the end you'll get the chess board or papan dam haji feeling on the floor. But you won't see the difference unless your tiles are extremely shiny. It is not recommended for you to apply this anti-slip if you want to keep the shine of the floor.

2) Apply the anti-slip using the masking tape. This way you put a diagonal border across the toilet floor and then apply the anti slip. I think the last 3 picture in the guide below would explain better on the masking tape method.

I chosed method number one. The reason is having a chess board "look" floor is nicer. The 2nd reason would be.. I'm lazy lah with the masking tape thingy.

Some notes to add in.

1) Do not apply the anti-slip in the whole floor. Having a non-slippery throughout the whole floor will give you the impression that the toilet is not clean. Not good.

2) Leave the floor unused for at least 3 hours after applying the anti-slip. Better still... leave it overnight.

The result? Good enough as a safety measure in the house. Remember people, this is Good Parenting Practice. A RM55 investment can take you a long way by preventing injuries to your kids. Hopefully when you are a grandpa or grandma one day, they'll accompany you to the toilet that you have anti-slipped for them when they were small.. rather than letting their maid to clean your ass for you.. Hahah.....


Anonymous said...

I bump into your “How to anti slip your toilet”. Very informative indeed as I also intend to do for my bathroom.It's more than a year. Appreciate if you can up-date the state and condition now.Is PYE a good product as there are other brand as well.Is it useful? Welcome any other pointers. Thanks

orion vaughan said...
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Anonymous said...

As salam, Just want to ask where did you buy this product? appreciate your reply. Tq

rumet said...

Hi.. I bought this at the hardware shop.

Marten Pitts said...

Thank you for sharing post it is really very nice and it is avoid bathrooms and toilets accidents.

Marten Pitts said...

Fantastic Information !! I appreciate your information.

Nice information !! thanks for sharing with us.

Nice information i got all information which i want to get.

Anti Slip Tile Treatment

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