Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

In case you have no idea when is that.. it is celebrated every year on the 22nd on April. In conjunction to that I am going to post progress pictures of my banana tree.

This is planted on the 29th of March 2009. At first I thought why is taking so long to grow. But today I am happy to see the plant's achievements.

Picture taken on 22nd of April 2009. See the size of the banana leaf... I'm sure it is producing lots of Oxygen for mother earth. Hehe...

The next two pictures were captured yesterday during our trip to KLIA to fetch my parents back from Umrah. I just have to ask my sister to snap this as it's so cute to see Arianna giving some space for Wildan to sleep and the best part is I've never seen Wildan sleeping like that before...

Actually I am out of ideas on what to blog about. Wifey suggested for me to blog about her trip to Pulau Redang. Hmm.. me blogging about 3 ladies having fun with 20 guys on one of Malaysia's most exotic island.... I must be very sporting or very dumb huh?

Well... let see how dumb can I be tomorrow :)

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