Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy 6th Month Birthday Wildan

Hey dude.. you are half year old already. How are things so far? According to FDA you are now should be introduced to solid food. But we've started you on that about one month ago. Initially we wanted to give you the carrot puree when you are 4 months old but you seemed not interested to it. So Ibu decided to delay that a bit.. she said,"Follow the baby, not the calendar". Something like that lah!

Up to date you have been growing well. You haven't started crawling yet but from that position you are trying to sit. Your Opah mentioned that you might want to skip the crawling phase and straight away jump to the sitting phase. But your diving skills are getting better and more dangerous nowadays. There's one occurrence where you almost hit the wall by doing the dive.

With this, it reminds me that in 6 months time you'll be celebrating your 1st birthday! That will be in the month of Raya Puasa. Imagine how big the fire will be burning your father's pocket. May I borrow some of your duit raya collection for the event? Hehe...

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