Monday, April 27, 2009

Garlic Bun Recipe

Last Friday was quite a hectic one for me. Started the day by sending Wifey to her office. Then I went to my mother-in-law's place in Cheras to pick up the baby cot that we left there during Wildan's confinement. We have yet to sort out the perfect sleeping arrangements in Bukit Jelutong. Hopefully with the extra baby cot in place, things will work out better. I also had breakfast with Ceng that morning to discuss on some eBay stuffs.

I left Cheras at around 11.30am and reached Bukit Jelutong at 12.15pm. Had lunch with the kids and went for Friday prayers. That night Wifey planned to have dinner with her brother to celebrate his birthday in Las Carretas. While waiting for that to happen, Arianna and I baked some garlic buns.

The recipe this time is quite similar to the past ones. 350gm of flour, I mixed some high protein flour with Tepung Pau BlueKey. Not because the recipe is as such but because I am out for bread flour. 220ml of lukewarm water, a bit less than the usual 245ml because the chopped garlic has its own liquid. 10 cloves of garlic, half pack of instant yeast, 50gm of sugar, few pinches of salt and about 50gm of butter.

I mixed it uing the Noxxa Breadmaker but baked it in the Zanussi oven. As you can see I used a casserole to line up my buns. It's best to have a proper tray or baking pan to do this. I'm still seraching for one. My criterias are simple - good quality, reliable, good looking and cheap.

The outcome of the baking session that day is not bad. Wifey and I had it with roasted chicken for lunch on Saturday. I think I need to add more salt next time and try to add in more herbs inside. Maybe from the produce of my own little garden perhap :). Bila lah tu?...

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