Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flying Kite With Arianna

Since my brother bought a kite during his last trip to Langkawi, we always suggested him to bring it to Bukit Jelutong where there's a empty field where people play RC helicopters and airplanes. On some days we would see people flying kite as well.

So last Sunday we brought him to our house to fly kite with Arianna. It was 4pm and the weather looks like it is going to rain. You just could not imagine how well behaved Arianna was that evening. Ask her to do anything she would do it, knowing that if she does not behave the kite flying session would be cancelled. The clouds are getting heavier and Wifey told Arianna to pray that it doesn't rain. I was told that Arianna went up, took her wudhu' and pray to God so that it won't rain. Cute huh?

As we are about to leave the house after Asar, my brother was saying that there's no wind. Again we asked Arianna to pray. After she wore her shoes, she put up her hands and.." Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, bagi lah ada angin untuk aku main layang-layang petang ni".

Right after that she told me, " Tengok ayah... pokok tu dah goyang". Hahah.. smart! There's nothing that can stop her from flying the kite now!

I would say God is Merciful enough to grant the wish of a 3 year old to fly a kite. The heavy cloud and strong wind just delayed it's calling to let Arianna fly the kite for about 10 minutes. Hopefully next time we can play a bit longer.... 10 minutes of kite flying is just not enough for me to do my "how to" series lah... heheheh.


p!nkerton said...

hi enchek rumet..
hehe cute je arianna doa cenggitu ;)
(i've been following your blog since arianna was born. tapi segan2 nak tinggal comment ;p)
lucky arianna ayah dia rajin blogging. nak harap erly? dia apdet blog 2tahun sekali hahaha

rumet said...

hahahaha... silap2 bile arianna besar die suruh delete blog ni.. malu nanti kawan2 baca.. hehe

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