Thursday, April 16, 2009

English Kitchen

I'm sure most of you have at least heard of Jamie Oliver the chef. If you follow the AFC channel quite a bit like me, you would see that these chef would pluck the herb leaves straight from tree in the pot. How to plant tree in a pot? See my "how to" posting here. Hahaha.

At first I thought it could be their climate that is suitable to plant those kind of herbs like Basil, Rosemary, Thyme and et cetera. Like we would have our own curry leaves and lemon grass. Or maybe it is not in our culture to cook so much with Rosemary leaves that we bother to plant them. But hey.. when you need them, they would not come in cheap. A few stalks of those leaves can cost you 8-9 ringgit. Hence we would resort the bottled dried herbs like those produced by Mc Cormick or something.

Last Sunday during our "usual" morning visit to the Pasar Tani Shah Alam, we dropped by the agro booth. And guess what did we bring back home?

Rosemary tree

Basil tree

Red chilli and pokok selasih

After this.. Mc Cormick boleh bungkus la! Hahaha.... I'll start my own herb business.. like Upin and Ipin friend Mail would say, " Dua seringgit!". Amcam?


Anonymous said...

Rumet...boleh hidup ek english herb kat sini.Woah, tabik spring sket..rajin nya bergardeNing.Nak jadi nak murid lah cam nih..


rumet said...

haha.. ni nak tinggal 5 hari ni masa QZ pegi pulau redang... harap2 hujan la :)

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