Friday, April 10, 2009

Big Boy

There's no better way to celebrate his 6th month birthday other than felling off the bed. He was sleeping in the maid's bed downstairs. Arianna was having her shower accompanied by the maid and I was Facebooking. Suddenly I heard a loud scream and cry.. I would have expected exactly that!

Menangis kaw kaw punya... keluar air mata.. hingus dan sebagainya... Haha... biasa la kan.. nak besar!

Will be taking the crib from the grandparents place in Kelana Jaya and put it downstairs. Hmm... remember.. Good Parenting Practice.

1 comment:

Effa said...

kesiannya wildan. my son pon penah jatuh katil when he was 5 months old. gelabah gile terus bwk gi hosp. :p

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