Monday, April 06, 2009

Bed to Fit the King

Last weekend we spent most of our time surveying for the sleeping apparatus. From SS2 to Kelana Jaya and then to Jalan Batu Tiga, which I think is somewhere near Sungai Buloh.

But I can say it is a fruitful effort as we sort of decided on which King Size mattress to buy. The Only Doctor Endorsed Mattress somehow fit our requirements. The Maharaja model from Kingkoil to be exact.

The mattress is firm, built with pocketed spring and the best part is the price. I did mention that a reasonable good mattress would cost around RM3-5k and yes it is true for the other brands like Dunlopillow and Slumberland. Their basic pocketed spring mattress would cost around RM2600. But for this Maharaja... the published price after discount is RM2220. And luckily we found a Moving Out Clearance Sale Shop that is will to cut down an additional RM600 on top of that discounted price.. Whooo Hooo!! Some would say.. one and half grand for a mattress??? This is an upgrade from a RM500 mattress that we have been sleeping for the past 4 years. I suggest you go and try the RM6000 or the RM13000 mattress and feel the comfort! After all you spend 1/3 of your life on he bed you know.. Haha sales pitch la pulak.

The cheapest Divan would be around RM 720 by Vono. I'm not looking for the headboard yet.. konon nak buat sendiri la.. terpengaruh dengan Trading Places dan Take Home Handyman.

Anyway.. I'm glad that we are sort of decided on the mattress. Now up to Wifey to write the cheque lah! Hehehhe

1 comment:

syaz said...

rumet, aku belik getha.. all latex.
sedap gile tido..
lebih best drpd hotel punye :P
silalah try getha..

by the way.. kalau pocket spring.. as least the top layer must be latex.. barulah sedap and comfy gile..

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