Thursday, April 30, 2009


It's 4.43am and I just finished doing the E-Filing ... Wifey's E-Filing pulak tu!

Arianna is having fever and she just vomited the fever medicine I gave her together with 5oz of milk she had prior to the panadol.

I am supposed to go to the office today for the 7am shift. It's my first day of the week while it is TGIThursday for Wifey.

Have fun!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I always wanted to rotisserie something in my oven. So last Monday I did that. The perfect recipe for this would be the Lemon and Rosemary Grill Chicken. Why? Because I have fresh rosemary leaves.. haha.

Basically my ingredients are:

- 1 whole chicken
- 5 cloves of garlic
- rosemary leaves
- salt
- 1 lemon
- olive oil

The lemon is boiled until the skin is soft, then poked with a fork and stuffed inside the chicken. The remaining ingredients are mashed together and rubbed to the chicken's exteriors.

It is then put in the oven to grill for 1 hour. A drip pan is put below the chicken to collect the excess fat dripped from the chicken. That can be used to make baby food... gile lah!

After 1 hour or so... out comes the rotisserie grilled chicken. Lingkup la Kenny Rogers lepas ni! hahahah....

I also made French Onion Soup the day before that. But I'll have to make it again before I can blog about it :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dying Chili

Remember that I bought a red chili plant from the Pasar Tani Mega Shah Alam a few Sundays back? That plant is not looking so good. Somehow it looks like it is going to die, but I can see new shoots coming out from the main stem.

The reasons that I could think of are the soil mixture, the amount of water given, the weather, shades and fertilizer. I'm not sure what was it so last Sunday I went to the Pasar Tani again and asked the guy that I bought the plant from about this. He mentioned that this is the common problem in chili plant. It is prone to get virus and fungal attacks.

So I went back home and see that coud be the problem. The leaves of the chili plant has a few yellow spots on them. Some big and some small. My next step is to survey the best organic method to treat this problem. At the moment I just added some more of the Chicken Shit fertilizer to the pot.

I've also read something in the Internet that chili plant is not that easy to plant. From the seeds to get the first shoot is the most difficult part. Once you get it to "leaf", proper care is needed to grow them. No wonder red chili is so expensive in the market nowadays.

It's okay. I'll take it as a challenge to produce my own red chili. Mau beli dari saya? 2 seringgit!

This is just a decor picture. I snap it after I took the pictures of the dieing chili. Time tido je suka betul berkepit 2 orang budak ni... kalau tak kakak cari adik... adik pegi cari-cari kakak dia...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Garlic Bun Recipe

Last Friday was quite a hectic one for me. Started the day by sending Wifey to her office. Then I went to my mother-in-law's place in Cheras to pick up the baby cot that we left there during Wildan's confinement. We have yet to sort out the perfect sleeping arrangements in Bukit Jelutong. Hopefully with the extra baby cot in place, things will work out better. I also had breakfast with Ceng that morning to discuss on some eBay stuffs.

I left Cheras at around 11.30am and reached Bukit Jelutong at 12.15pm. Had lunch with the kids and went for Friday prayers. That night Wifey planned to have dinner with her brother to celebrate his birthday in Las Carretas. While waiting for that to happen, Arianna and I baked some garlic buns.

The recipe this time is quite similar to the past ones. 350gm of flour, I mixed some high protein flour with Tepung Pau BlueKey. Not because the recipe is as such but because I am out for bread flour. 220ml of lukewarm water, a bit less than the usual 245ml because the chopped garlic has its own liquid. 10 cloves of garlic, half pack of instant yeast, 50gm of sugar, few pinches of salt and about 50gm of butter.

I mixed it uing the Noxxa Breadmaker but baked it in the Zanussi oven. As you can see I used a casserole to line up my buns. It's best to have a proper tray or baking pan to do this. I'm still seraching for one. My criterias are simple - good quality, reliable, good looking and cheap.

The outcome of the baking session that day is not bad. Wifey and I had it with roasted chicken for lunch on Saturday. I think I need to add more salt next time and try to add in more herbs inside. Maybe from the produce of my own little garden perhap :). Bila lah tu?...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wifey's Pulau Redang Trip

I wouldn't know how to describe the trip (because I wasn't there :P). But Wifey is still saying it until today that the place is nice, beach is beautiful.. etc etc. Hopefully she can elaborate more on the slide show below :)

To get better review on the place.. you have to go there yourself! Betul tak?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

In case you have no idea when is that.. it is celebrated every year on the 22nd on April. In conjunction to that I am going to post progress pictures of my banana tree.

This is planted on the 29th of March 2009. At first I thought why is taking so long to grow. But today I am happy to see the plant's achievements.

Picture taken on 22nd of April 2009. See the size of the banana leaf... I'm sure it is producing lots of Oxygen for mother earth. Hehe...

The next two pictures were captured yesterday during our trip to KLIA to fetch my parents back from Umrah. I just have to ask my sister to snap this as it's so cute to see Arianna giving some space for Wildan to sleep and the best part is I've never seen Wildan sleeping like that before...

Actually I am out of ideas on what to blog about. Wifey suggested for me to blog about her trip to Pulau Redang. Hmm.. me blogging about 3 ladies having fun with 20 guys on one of Malaysia's most exotic island.... I must be very sporting or very dumb huh?

Well... let see how dumb can I be tomorrow :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An evening at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel

Thanks to my sis-in-law Ita, the 3 of us are able to squeeze in and enjoy the room and swimming poll at this hotel last Saturday. It is fairly a new hotel and they are still charging on their promotion prce rate. The standard deluxe room is RM199 nett. We did not sleep there as it's gonna be a trouble in terms of the sleeping arrangements as they are 4 of us inclusive the maid.

After dinner at Putrajaya Lake Club, we head back to Cheras and went back home (Bukit Jelutong) on Sunday morning. It was a good short break for the kids especially after being left by their mother for 4 days already by then. Come Sunday... everything is not right for Arianna. She is just finding reasons to cry.

Wifey took the day off on yesterday supposedly to spend time with the family and I am not surprised that she spent most of her day in the bed....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Analytics

I was checking on my Google Analytics and found out some of the ways people do end up to my blog. I really like number 67 and 87. Wahahahhaha

Click on the picture for bigger resolution

Kertas kerja mee basah huh??? Power power!

Friday, April 17, 2009

End of a tiring 4 weeks

I am taking leave today for a number of reasons. I need to finish up my unrecorded leave which I carried forward from last year. I need to take care of the kids while Wifey is enjoying her time playing ping pong and snorkeling in Pulau Redang; which I am starting to miss her already. Last but not least, I just want to rest after working 4 weeks in Europe shift.

Picture credits to Alfie Iznan

I just realized one thing; we have no public holiday for the past 4 weeks. Except for Good Friday and Easter Day which are not declared as Public Holiday in Selangor. Apa la Tok Jib ni.. dah naik pangkat tu.. kasik la Public Holiday satu!

Any plans this weekend? I'm free... as long as your plans can include 2 kids in it lah :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

English Kitchen

I'm sure most of you have at least heard of Jamie Oliver the chef. If you follow the AFC channel quite a bit like me, you would see that these chef would pluck the herb leaves straight from tree in the pot. How to plant tree in a pot? See my "how to" posting here. Hahaha.

At first I thought it could be their climate that is suitable to plant those kind of herbs like Basil, Rosemary, Thyme and et cetera. Like we would have our own curry leaves and lemon grass. Or maybe it is not in our culture to cook so much with Rosemary leaves that we bother to plant them. But hey.. when you need them, they would not come in cheap. A few stalks of those leaves can cost you 8-9 ringgit. Hence we would resort the bottled dried herbs like those produced by Mc Cormick or something.

Last Sunday during our "usual" morning visit to the Pasar Tani Shah Alam, we dropped by the agro booth. And guess what did we bring back home?

Rosemary tree

Basil tree

Red chilli and pokok selasih

After this.. Mc Cormick boleh bungkus la! Hahaha.... I'll start my own herb business.. like Upin and Ipin friend Mail would say, " Dua seringgit!". Amcam?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pulau Redang Trip

Wifey will be away from 15th to the 19th of April 2009. She's flying to Kuala Terengganu and will be taking a boat to Pulau Redang for business trip with MAMPU. Aaahhh.. those GITN days...hehe.

As my parents are away for Umrah until the 21st April, these two kids will be solely under my care! Sounds impossible huh? I would be putting up at the mother in-law's house for the next 4 nights. I am taking the Friday day off.. and the coming Monday and Tuesday as well.

I wish Wifey a safe and pleasant trip.. Enjoy the chandat sotong session my dear :) We'll be waiting for you at the airport on Sunday night :) Make sure bawak balik nasik dagang!

p/s: I might not blog while I am in Cheras. I'll try my best to schedule a few posts before I leave Bukit Jelutong

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flying Kite With Arianna

Since my brother bought a kite during his last trip to Langkawi, we always suggested him to bring it to Bukit Jelutong where there's a empty field where people play RC helicopters and airplanes. On some days we would see people flying kite as well.

So last Sunday we brought him to our house to fly kite with Arianna. It was 4pm and the weather looks like it is going to rain. You just could not imagine how well behaved Arianna was that evening. Ask her to do anything she would do it, knowing that if she does not behave the kite flying session would be cancelled. The clouds are getting heavier and Wifey told Arianna to pray that it doesn't rain. I was told that Arianna went up, took her wudhu' and pray to God so that it won't rain. Cute huh?

As we are about to leave the house after Asar, my brother was saying that there's no wind. Again we asked Arianna to pray. After she wore her shoes, she put up her hands and.." Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, bagi lah ada angin untuk aku main layang-layang petang ni".

Right after that she told me, " Tengok ayah... pokok tu dah goyang". Hahah.. smart! There's nothing that can stop her from flying the kite now!

I would say God is Merciful enough to grant the wish of a 3 year old to fly a kite. The heavy cloud and strong wind just delayed it's calling to let Arianna fly the kite for about 10 minutes. Hopefully next time we can play a bit longer.... 10 minutes of kite flying is just not enough for me to do my "how to" series lah... heheheh.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I am a bit busy today...

And with this little girl hogging me...i might be late for work. Happy easter day...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

How to plant in a pot

Hey it is a Saturday already. Hopefully today is a good day to do gardening for you where ever you are. Today I'm going to share with you my experience in planting aloe vera in a pot. Most of us would have learn it way back during school days, so I would suggest you to continue reading only if you have nothing better to do.

The first step would be preparing the pot. The best practice would be to soak the pot in water for at least 15 minutes. This only applies to the pot made from clay. This is because a dry clay pot would absorb water. We would not want the pot to absorb the nutrients from the soil later on. In my case, I do not have a basin big enough to soak the pot. So I just put the pot under running water for a while.

Step number 2 would be preparing the soil. The Jabatan Pertanian term would be "medium tanaman". There are lots of choices for you to choose from. Premixed soil, black soil, red soil, compost premix and et cetera. Some tips that I want to share with you based on my experience. The premixed soil is a combination of black soil and coconut husk (sabut kelapa). In Sungai Buloh they would sell it at RM1.70 - Rm2.00 per bag. The black soil is like the one in the picture above. The price is RM1.00 per bag. The red soil is RM1.50 per bag. Compost premix would be more than RM2.00 per bag.

So if you know the recipe of the premixed soil, why not make some on your own. I bought 11 bags of black soil at the price of 10 ringgit and a big gunny (guni tepung punya size) of coconut husk at RM8. With 18 ringgit I think we can make more than 20 bags of premixed soil which if you buy them ready made, it'll cost you at least RM34.

My recipe would be 1 part of soil with 1 part of coconut husk. Is that the standard measurement? I don't know. But if you reached this line already on this post, I guess you are desperate enough to just accept my advice. :)

Next step is to mix the ingredients. Usually I'll have Arianna to do this task but for this documentary purposes, I don't want soil being splattered all over the place.

So this is the end result. We now have our own home made premixed soil. Haha...

Step number 3.. or is it step 4? The pot holes must be covered with something. Standard practice would be using stones. Some people would use fine net, charcoal, tiles or what ever that can cover the hole. Basic function is to make sure that the soil stays in the pot. So why do they make holes in the first place? Common sense would be.. to let excess water to drain out of the pot. Then why three holes instead of 1? Hah! You had me there....

After covering the holes, you may fill in the pot with soil. Fill it up until 3 quarter full. Again this is Rumet's standard.

Step 5: Preparing the plant. Wifey suggested to soak the plant overnight or over overnight. The idea is to give opportunity for the plant to grow some roots while being submerged in water. Hmm.. tatau apa nak comment... next!

Step 6 is to plant the aloe tree. Easy peasy la right? Just push down the tree into the soil lah. Try your best to keep the tree pointing upwards. I am still in the process of learning that.

There you go. How to plant tree in a pot in your backyard. As simple as 1,2,3,4,5 and 6!

And yes.. Step 7. Make sure you water the plant immediately after that. This is to keep the soil wet and the cool down the plant after going through all the process. It's a culture shock for it too.. it has to adapt to new environment and all.

Tips: Do not water the plant too frequent. The beauty of our premixed soil is that it has coconut husk in it. It has the ability to retain water. It's good if you are the type that travels a lot and would be leaving the plants unattended for a few days. If you leave it for 1 month... no amount of coconut husk can help I think. Unless you pray hard enough to get the rain pouring.

Now what are you going to do with the extra soil that you've mixed previously? Simple solution is to pack it in the bag. If you have a compost bin, then it is also a good idea to dump it there. I'm in the process of acquiring my own compost bin. Waiting for the approval from the Finance Minister.
Once you've packed the soil in the plastic bag, make sure you tie it tightly. Reason? Kalau tak ikat nanti... senang tumpah la tanah tu! So next time you can skip Step 2 and 3 to plant a tree.

That's about it ladies and gentlemen. Hope you can benefit from this step by step guide on how to plant in a pot. See you all in the next How To session! Hehehehe

Friday, April 10, 2009

Big Boy

There's no better way to celebrate his 6th month birthday other than felling off the bed. He was sleeping in the maid's bed downstairs. Arianna was having her shower accompanied by the maid and I was Facebooking. Suddenly I heard a loud scream and cry.. I would have expected exactly that!

Menangis kaw kaw punya... keluar air mata.. hingus dan sebagainya... Haha... biasa la kan.. nak besar!

Will be taking the crib from the grandparents place in Kelana Jaya and put it downstairs. Hmm... remember.. Good Parenting Practice.

Happy 6th Month Birthday Wildan

Hey dude.. you are half year old already. How are things so far? According to FDA you are now should be introduced to solid food. But we've started you on that about one month ago. Initially we wanted to give you the carrot puree when you are 4 months old but you seemed not interested to it. So Ibu decided to delay that a bit.. she said,"Follow the baby, not the calendar". Something like that lah!

Up to date you have been growing well. You haven't started crawling yet but from that position you are trying to sit. Your Opah mentioned that you might want to skip the crawling phase and straight away jump to the sitting phase. But your diving skills are getting better and more dangerous nowadays. There's one occurrence where you almost hit the wall by doing the dive.

With this, it reminds me that in 6 months time you'll be celebrating your 1st birthday! That will be in the month of Raya Puasa. Imagine how big the fire will be burning your father's pocket. May I borrow some of your duit raya collection for the event? Hehe...

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Umrah Trip

My parents will be going for Umrah today with my uncle and my auntie. It's going to be a 12 days trip. In that duration I'll have to dedicate more time for the kids. Hence I might not be blogging that frequent. I wish they all have a safe journey and have a good pilgrimage tip.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Congratulations Sme and Family

Our big friend in Penang just added one more Malay voter to that state. I doubt any politician would give a damn about it but I heard all the Nasi Kandar stalls are having a feast last night knowing that 10 years from now there will be one more loyal customer coming to their place :)

I'm sure Qaseh is excited to have a brother around. I wish the mother all the best in your "pantang" and I guess that goes to Sme as well... pantang elok-elok, jangan perabih susu baby. Haha...

Picture taken from

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

How to anti slip your toilet

When the kids are able to go to the toilet on their own, it is good to consider anti-slipping your toilet. Like Arianna for example, she would climb the toilet bowl on her own even though it is not her eight yet to do so. And after she is done doing her business, she will be running out of the toilet. We had 2 occurrence when she fell down on the toilet's floor.

One option for you to anti slip your floor is PYE Anti-Slip Colourless Floor Coating.

This product does not come cheap. It'll cost you around RM60 per bottle of 200ml. I got it for RM55. The whole bottle can cover a surface up to 20 square meters. It is recommended to apply 2 coats so the total surface coverage would be half of the published sum.

The box comes in with the liquid, one brush and masking tape. It has a Step by Step Guide to apply the anti-slip as well. According to the hardware store guy, there's two method that you can choose from to apply the anti-slip.

1) Apply the anti-slip on alternate tiles. In the end you'll get the chess board or papan dam haji feeling on the floor. But you won't see the difference unless your tiles are extremely shiny. It is not recommended for you to apply this anti-slip if you want to keep the shine of the floor.

2) Apply the anti-slip using the masking tape. This way you put a diagonal border across the toilet floor and then apply the anti slip. I think the last 3 picture in the guide below would explain better on the masking tape method.

I chosed method number one. The reason is having a chess board "look" floor is nicer. The 2nd reason would be.. I'm lazy lah with the masking tape thingy.

Some notes to add in.

1) Do not apply the anti-slip in the whole floor. Having a non-slippery throughout the whole floor will give you the impression that the toilet is not clean. Not good.

2) Leave the floor unused for at least 3 hours after applying the anti-slip. Better still... leave it overnight.

The result? Good enough as a safety measure in the house. Remember people, this is Good Parenting Practice. A RM55 investment can take you a long way by preventing injuries to your kids. Hopefully when you are a grandpa or grandma one day, they'll accompany you to the toilet that you have anti-slipped for them when they were small.. rather than letting their maid to clean your ass for you.. Hahah.....

Monday, April 06, 2009

Bed to Fit the King

Last weekend we spent most of our time surveying for the sleeping apparatus. From SS2 to Kelana Jaya and then to Jalan Batu Tiga, which I think is somewhere near Sungai Buloh.

But I can say it is a fruitful effort as we sort of decided on which King Size mattress to buy. The Only Doctor Endorsed Mattress somehow fit our requirements. The Maharaja model from Kingkoil to be exact.

The mattress is firm, built with pocketed spring and the best part is the price. I did mention that a reasonable good mattress would cost around RM3-5k and yes it is true for the other brands like Dunlopillow and Slumberland. Their basic pocketed spring mattress would cost around RM2600. But for this Maharaja... the published price after discount is RM2220. And luckily we found a Moving Out Clearance Sale Shop that is will to cut down an additional RM600 on top of that discounted price.. Whooo Hooo!! Some would say.. one and half grand for a mattress??? This is an upgrade from a RM500 mattress that we have been sleeping for the past 4 years. I suggest you go and try the RM6000 or the RM13000 mattress and feel the comfort! After all you spend 1/3 of your life on he bed you know.. Haha sales pitch la pulak.

The cheapest Divan would be around RM 720 by Vono. I'm not looking for the headboard yet.. konon nak buat sendiri la.. terpengaruh dengan Trading Places dan Take Home Handyman.

Anyway.. I'm glad that we are sort of decided on the mattress. Now up to Wifey to write the cheque lah! Hehehhe

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