Monday, March 30, 2009

What to do after Earth Hour

These were all done on the 21st of March 2009. One week after Arianna turns 3 years old.

We woke up quite early that day jst to go to Sungai Buloh. To be exact, Hospital Sungai Buloh. From the NSE, take the Hospital Sungai Buloh exit. Head towards Sungai Buloh, a few hundreds meter from the toll plaza, they are few nursery lined up for you to shop for "Earth Hour" stuffs. Hehe...

We bought a few plants, 6 bags of "tanah campur" / mixed soil, 2kg of chicken shit fertilizer, 5 packs of vegetable seeds and 3 pots. Total damage? Have to see the receipt lah.. forgot already.

We started gardening right after we reached home. Can I do gardening without my loyal assistant, Arianna? I dont think so. Luckily that my gardening tools come in a set of 3. Kalau 1 je? Jenuh berebut.

The idea is to salvage a few plants from the existing garden. Among them are pokok limau, pandan and pokok daun kari.

"Orang tua-tua" have their own "petua" and "pantang larang" on planting plants. The time of the day, how you treat the plants, the pots, the soil and et cetera. The famous one would be.. tangan panas. People with "tangan panas" or hot hands, has less chance to become a successful planter. There will be something wrong with the tree, either it will not grow and die, or will not produce any fruits. So we'll just have to see ... tangan apa kah kami ni?

Our small garden.

The mint and limau purut tree are the ones we bought from the nursery. We also planted chilly seeds, kacang buncis and sawi. I'll post an update on their progress soon.

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May I know where you can get the coconut husk?

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