Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pay Day

It is pay day today. And this month most of us "makan gaji" people will be getting the year 2008 performance bonus. Pity me, I am outsourced to an American MNC. Most them are taking the increament freeze approach and slashing the bonus to half. It's bad enough that I'm only entitled for half of the bonus as I joined the company in July 2008, they slashed that to half some more.

Wifey is lucky enough to be getting the average performance of 3 despite of her almost 1 year absent from work last year while carrying Wildan.

Friends? One of them who's supposed to be the richest among us for his title of a Pilot, somehow is jobless for quite sometime now. The Kristal employee of 2005 and Best Consultant 2007 decided to become a student. The actor/engineer is diagnosed with mental illness last year due to work stress. I doubt he's getting a performance 4 or 5 for 2008. Our movie reviewer cum shift engineer same as I am could be getting more... the others I have no news from them. We did not have a chance to meet during Arianna's birthday because they did not come.

So we are left with the Executive of The Year to treat us this year. I'm up for ribs.. Tony Roma's, Las Carretas or Williams... up to you. Thanks dude...haha


ephol said...

yg ni pon sampai abis aku baca... juga dari sarawak...

Anonymous said...

be thankful man, you're still luckier than a lot of people ;)

rumet said...

indeed i am thankful bro. a half filled glass is better than an empty one huh? nevertheless... mine is filled to a quarter only :P

have a good one :)

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