Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Arianna 20090315

When it comes to Arianna's birthday, it is a must to celebrate. Last year we thought of having just a small get-together but ended up with my parents throwing a big party with caterers, canopies and invited all of our extended families.

This year as we moved in to the new house, it is a good chance for us to invite everybody for a housewarming + birthday party. We started off the event with Yasin, tahlil and doa selamat. Alhamdulillah.. Thanks to my parents and Pak Ndak to make it happen.

After that it's party time for Arianna and friends. For the adults we catered nasi tomato and roti jala. My mum prepared mee kari. Wifey made deserts which I did not have the chance to taste. I did not even tasted Arianna's birthday cake. My mum-in-law brought a few types of kuih talam. As far as food is concerned, I think we ordered more than enough.

As usual, I will have to make up excuses for not taking enough pictures during this event. There are things that I'll take note next time when I organize this kind of events. For example, hire a photographer!

This time we ordered the cake from Secret Recipe. Wifey likes the Chocolate Moist Cake so much. We had it during Arianna's first birthday. We learnt something from that function that is to keep the cake outside (of the fridge) overnight before serving. By doing this the cake will be moist-er and tastes better.

Arianna has been reciting this moment for days before the event. She'll sing the Happy Birthday song to herself and one day before the event she was already restless about the birthday cake and keep on asking for it from her Ibu. I can see that see is so proud to have this event of blowing the candles.

And not so happy when someone else blew the moments away!

We even ordered Goodies Bags for this function. So just that you can imagine how much Wifey spent on the event. Hehe..

At around 5pm, the function is basically over. But as usual my dear friend Faiz from RMC will come half and hour after we finished moving the food into the kitchen. Too much punctual moments during the school days I guess.

Farul stayed till late night as he is single after sending Jue and Alyya back to their hometown. Thanks to him for accompanying Arianna playing her latest collections of toys.

Thanks to everybody for making Arianna's 3rd Birthday a memorable one. For a three year old, she has accomplished so much. She can now speak in two languages, Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia. She has been to places where even a 50 year old has not set foot on. She recovered from a neurological condition that even her parents never had before. As the popular saying goes, selagi nyawa dikandung badan, her parents will try their best to keep Arianna's life as full as possible. So that she can live her name, Arianna - Full of Life.

(20 years to come, bile Arianna baca posting ni.. sure die kata.. "poyo betul bapak aku ni!")

p/s: Hah Ephol... ko tak baca post ni sampai abes siap... aku kutuk ko!


AyiL said...

tayah tunggu lg 20 yrs..
skang pon die mmg dah tau bapak die poyo

Farra said...

kalau cukup masa hari tu...kek mawaddah pon aku nak buat border cenggitu tp tak sempat..hehe

happy 3rd birthday arianna!

eLLe said...

ala cute..
rumet, rasenye ticker arianna cam salah je..awat still 2 yrs 10 mths? hrmm..

rumet said...

ayil: bile nak snook ni?

farra: ko bule buat kek yang sama? choc moist cake.. next time order ngan ko je lah :)

elle: mmg salah kaw kaw... malas betul nak betulkan.. ehehhe

ephol said...

aku baca la sampai abis.... siap aku baca from sarawak lagi... hahhahahah

rumet poyo

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