Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

This was our contribution to support Earth Hour 2009. Ours lasted for 55 minutes as by 9.25pm I could not see what am I eating in the bowl of porridge that Wifey prepared in the well lit kitchen :P

I did switch on the TV though. Just to watch National Geographic Channel which "suspended" their shows, by showing the how to save the earth stuffs and the history of the Earth Hour "gimmick". It started off in Sydney in year 2007.. just that one city. In year 2008, 50 countries participated and estimated 50 million people switched of their lights for that one hour that year. And last night, it's estimated that 1 billion people took the challenge to live in the dark for 1 hour.

Prior to this event, while the "celebrities" are promoting Earth Hour on the TV I did catch a few columns in the newspapers with people giving negative comments on this small gesture. Gimmick by WWF lah...we signed the Kyoto Protocol but even the USA did not sign it... padam lampu satu jam apa boleh dapat.. Sigh. These are whinners who always blame it on the others.. how to reduce CO2, public transport in Malaysia sucks! If I recycle 1 piece of paper or 1 soda can, apa effect dia oi! Kita padam lampu kat rumah.. kat ofis tu lampu pasang 24 jam.. aircond pasang 24jam... earth hour jadahnya? But if the air-cond breaks down in the office, these are the people who will shout out .. company public listed.. air cond pon tak mampu nak servis ke???WTF!!! For this kind of human being, may I suggest that you masturbate less.. kurang sikit mandi wajib.. save water. And hopefully by doing it less your brain might function better.

1 comment:

Farra said...

we didn't do anything..haha :D..btw TV mmg jarang ON..mak nak baca buku,anak-anak nak kaler buku warna.. takkan nak tutup lampu kots?

mmg apa kejadahnya!

byk lg la cara lain nak save the earth, hentikan bekas polisterin, improve public transport etc :D

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