Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tenancy Agreement Stamping

Currently i am waiting for my turn to pay the stamp duty.

Fill in 2 PDS.49(A) forms
Fill in one PDS.1 form

For a monthly rental of RM750, the stamp value is RM27....per document. If you want to prepare 2 docs...do the math lah.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy 4 months old Wildan

People tend to keep track on their age monthly when they are this small. The two pictures below were taken at IKEA on the 7th of February. We bought the Ergo Baby carrier when Wildan is about one month old and he could not accept it well at that age yet. Now as his head is a bit stronger and the legs can spread wider, the Ergo Baby seems to be comfortable enough for him.

We bought the carrier as Arianna would not want to let go of her stroller to Wildan and for us to bring two strollers at the same time is a bit ridiculous. What if one of them wants to be carried? Who the hell is going to push two strollers in the shppoing mall...

Nowadays babywearing is common among Malaysians. Last time only the Indonesian maids would carry the baby with the sarong. Nowadays babywearing is a trend. "The cool parents wear babies now". For more info about it, you can visit the forum here. (* This post is not sponsored by PayPerPost :P)

Too bad I can review much on the Ergo Baby carrier yet.. Too little experience to tell lah.

Two pictures below were taken today just to mark the date 10th February 2009. I'll try to snap a better one later today.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

A&W Love The Left Thumb

If you follow this blog back since 2006, you might notice this picture in this post.

And since you are not that bored with this blog and keep on visiting it, let me furnish you with the latest edition of the thumb sucker.

And if you would stay loyal to this blog for the next 25 years, Insya Allah I'll post the pictures of their kids sucking thumbs too...

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

After 3 nights...

Lets do this in Bahasa Melayu lah..

Rumah baru ni menghadap matahari terbit. Jadi malam2 adalah sejuk berbanding rumah lama di mana ia menghadap matahari terbenam. Dengan harapan ini bermakna bil elektrik akan berkurang kerana penggunaan penghawa dingin adalah minimal....

Damn it's not that easy ...

So far I am comfortable with the new environment. I met the neighbor next door yesterday and they took Arianna to play with their rabbit. For the past two nights, around 5.30 in the morning, the house alarm of the neighbor in front rang hich woke me up for a while. But it went off a few seconds after that. I guess their maid forgot to turn off the alarm before opening the doors or shutters. Or maybe they are all deep heavy sleepers that they need an alarm that loud to wake them up every morning. Lets see how it goes...

The house is not in the "Hey come lah visit my house" condition yet but it's in a live in condition. I have to thank the family especially my dad for helping out a lot of things in order to make things happen. My dad saved me at least few hundred ringgits by doing DIY repair jobs to the house. My parents helped us out during our move in day last Sunday and on Monday they came to the house to recite Surah Al-Baqarah in the house. There's no way for me to repay that.

The grille is not installed yet. Hopefully it can be done this week. There are a few more things need to be settled like changing the names of the TNB and SYABAS bills, which requires $$$. Wifey has been the financing institution in the "move in" phase and she just realized that she misplaced her IC which is required to withdraw fund from ASB.

Money saving tips for ASB account holders:
1) Misplace your ASB book.
2) Misplace your IC.

Somehow Wifey chose the latter option :)

Arianna and Wildan are adapting well to the new home. I'm looking forward to take more pictures of them in Bukit Jelutong. Here are some of Wildan pictures on his first day in Bukit Jelutong.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Drug rehab

Have you seen the picture of Michael Phelps holding a bong? Well I guess if you've won 8 Olympics gold medals, there's nothing much you have left to do with your life..

But for those who are trapped into beinga drug addict and still have not life their lives to the fullest, they are still hope. Do consider drug rehab california. It might save your life.

* This post is sponsored by PayPerPost

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sticky: Moving in.. Updated

We moved in on 1st February 2009!!

Since all banks nowadays are offering Zero Moving Cost home loans, I'm going to make my own moving in cost to the new home so far. I'll make this as my sticky post until we finally moved in to the house.

Tap for the kitchen sink RM35
Toilet waterproofing liquid RM30
Cleaning utensils RM60
Wall filler and scrape RM9
Light bulb, starter, paint brush,
sand paper, paint roller
and paint case RM17
Maxilite 7 litre paint RM27
1.5HP aircond for living room RM1598
1HP aircond for master bedroom RM1268
Airconds installation RM490
2 X Water heater RM968
Water heater installation RM300
Deposit for gas cooker RM1380 (RM1280 to go)
One time cleaning service RM120
Home guard security deposit RM45
Sand paper and masking tape RM4
Arianna painting kit RM5
Maxilite white paint (7L) RM27
Sink pipes for the 2nd bathroom RM21.50
Deposit for grille RM1200 (RM2000 to go)

Updated 4th Feb 2009
cat pintu + brush + sandpapper + maxilite white paint rm55
tikar getah + cutter rm32.40
kipas x3 rm1235
penyapu + dustpanx2 rm16.30
cable connector rm4.40

Total so far RM7667.60

There are still lots of things to be done before we can move in. We are scouting for grille for the house. We've asked for a quotation from a shop nearby the house and they quoted RM4500, confirmed to be delivered in two weeks time after confirmation. But we are still surveying.

By the way I've started painting the living room wall. The previous tenant painted the wall dark green. So it took me about 3 layers of Toffee Cream color to overwrite the previous color! I would show it to you guys but I am still waiting for my cameras from the respective people...

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