Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sticky: Moving in.. Updated

We moved in on 1st February 2009!!

Since all banks nowadays are offering Zero Moving Cost home loans, I'm going to make my own moving in cost to the new home so far. I'll make this as my sticky post until we finally moved in to the house.

Tap for the kitchen sink RM35
Toilet waterproofing liquid RM30
Cleaning utensils RM60
Wall filler and scrape RM9
Light bulb, starter, paint brush,
sand paper, paint roller
and paint case RM17
Maxilite 7 litre paint RM27
1.5HP aircond for living room RM1598
1HP aircond for master bedroom RM1268
Airconds installation RM490
2 X Water heater RM968
Water heater installation RM300
Deposit for gas cooker RM1380 (RM1280 to go)
One time cleaning service RM120
Home guard security deposit RM45
Sand paper and masking tape RM4
Arianna painting kit RM5
Maxilite white paint (7L) RM27
Sink pipes for the 2nd bathroom RM21.50
Deposit for grille RM1200 (RM2000 to go)

Updated 4th Feb 2009
cat pintu + brush + sandpapper + maxilite white paint rm55
tikar getah + cutter rm32.40
kipas x3 rm1235
penyapu + dustpanx2 rm16.30
cable connector rm4.40

Total so far RM7667.60

There are still lots of things to be done before we can move in. We are scouting for grille for the house. We've asked for a quotation from a shop nearby the house and they quoted RM4500, confirmed to be delivered in two weeks time after confirmation. But we are still surveying.

By the way I've started painting the living room wall. The previous tenant painted the wall dark green. So it took me about 3 layers of Toffee Cream color to overwrite the previous color! I would show it to you guys but I am still waiting for my cameras from the respective people...


Effa said...

rajinnya ko cat umah sendiri. we all upah bangla 1 hari keje from 9-5 RM70 jeks. suruh la dia buat ape pon. cuci toilet, cat, angkat brg. heheh.. mula2 mmg semangat nak buat sendiri, tp last2 give up. hahaha...

rumet said...

sementara masih bersemangat ni.. nak try buat sendiri dulu.... :)

nurulqz said...

iskk effa.. boley caye ke ? be careful of who u invite to your home laaa... sorry to say.. esp foreigners.

Effa said...

haha...dah kenal dia lama. even rumah & studio min punya air-con, wiring, cat sume dia buat. dia kata dia penah buat utk Kid Chan punya studio jugak. hahaha... siap ada hati nak amik gmbar studio white background lagi. hahah...lgpon we all ada kat rumah masa dia buat keje. kalo nak cakap psal trust, org kite pon kite xleh trust 100% kan? and how about indons, chinese contractors yg renovate rumah? hehehe...

Tuan Faisal Azmy Tuan Kob a.k.a Tapai said...

apsal ko nye post dah 2010?

kell said...

one question, cooker tuh yg ade grill plus oven ke? is that the usual range rm1k plus or itu top end punye ek?

tgh survey2 cooker jugak, mane tau better beli fr sini ke, tp klu that price cam ok la kan.

too used to having grill and oven, tak mau gune microwave for that!

nurulqz said...


yup... so far, the one with hobs on top and oven. Mine is zanussi. In M'sia, not that many in the market. Theres zanussi, elba and byk kedai carry.

I bought mine for RM1380. The one with four hobs and electric oven. Kalau yang 3 hobs and gas oven tuh u can get it cheaper. Oh yah, and ive requested the one in black colour.. so extra charge there.

well , i dont know whats ur price there to compare. Then theres always after sales service which u might need kalau anything goes wrong. Kat sane bp boley dpt?

AyiL said...

fuyoo.. tapai kasik comment..

kell said...

i think sini lagi mahal kot. so no point la bawak balik. yg i saw klu brand new kodi2 pon 400 pounds. might as well beli kat msia, ade service lagi kan like u said.

thanks for the tip!

nurulqz said...

This needs to be updated before we forget. The damage is much much more than this RM 6324.50!

chics said...

u shld have painted ur walls one layer of white first b4 u paint ur desired colour..

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