Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year guys and gals. Be it 1430 or 2009. May you all have a better year compared to the previous ones.

I have no new year resolution for the upcoming 2009. I achieved my 2008's resolution of getting a GPS unit. Thanks to Wifey though.

Additional to that, our family is blessed with the arrival of Wildan. There's no word that can describe how happy I am to meet him. The person who would take over my responsibility once I'm no more around. Again.. thanks to Wifey.

Well.. we had our fair share of unhappiness in 2008. Mostly health related issues. Arianna had Bell's Palsy, Wifey with her horrible pregnancy sickness and Wildan got a severe case of jaundice. Thank God that all of them recovered well.

Actually I'm watching Reaper while writing this.. I can't concentrate much. I'm working tomorrow... have a good one people!


Afidalina Tumian said...

this looks as cheeky as the ayah. kan ibu qz? hehe..

nurulqz said...

this one so far byk ckp... tatau laa kalau die nak lagi terrer dari kakak dier... opek knows what the kakak is capable of kan? haha.. reminder.. muke dier lah!

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