Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday Spectacles

This holiday season we can see everybody especially those who celebrates Christmas Day will shop for everything new. From new pairs of shoes, new dress, new shirt and up to the top - new head accessories. But usually people would not splurge on new pair of spectacles. I think the reason being is that people would have the impression that prescription lens would cost a bomb to make one just for the holidays. So people will resort to wear nice pair of clothes with shinning shoes but still stick with their working pair of glasses during the festive seasons.

Things will change after this. Brought to you by ZenniOptical this holiday season is their range of Holiday frames. I browsed through their choices of frames and let me tell you one thing, they look great and they are not expensive at all. I can see that some of them only cost 8 dollars.

Why go for the same black frame this holiday season when we have the choice to go wild with red, blue, green and even multicolor.

For myself, I am interested particularly on this frame. The 2275 Plastic Full-Rim Frame.

Why plastic? Holiday season is where you have fun. Where is the fun if you still wear the nerdy looking spectacles. So guys.. it doesn't cost a lot to look good this year end holiday. I'm sure you won't be disappointed with ZenniOptical.

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