Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bread Making with Noxxa Bread Maker

Inspired by my super senior's blog, I borrowed my parent's bread maker. They bought it few years back and I think they only baked less than 10 loaves of bread with it.

I was so excited about the idea of baking my own bread and as soon as I brought back the bread machine to Ara, I immidiately find the recipe to bake one. So from the original blog post, here are the ingredients.

  • 245ml of water
  • 350gm of flour
  • 1/5 block of butter (I put 50gm)
  • pinch of salt
  • 50gm of sugar
  • half packet of yeast (about 5.5gm)
  • raisins - I put in about 80gm

I put all the dry ingredients in one bowl, except for the yeast. I read somewhere on the internet that it is best not to mix the yeast with wet ingredients first.

So I poured the water in first into the machine, then put in the dry ingredient stuffs and put the yeast last .. on top.

I set the machine to bake a Basic bread with medium crust colour. Total time to complete process is 3 hours. I read that the Kenwood Bread Maker will take about 3 hours 27 minutes for a basic bread. The Noxxa does not have that settings, so I just go with their 3 hours preset.

As you can see, the machine is now mixing the dough. It will stop for a while after 20 minutes (if I'm not mistaken) and make a beeping sound. I do not know why because after that it'll resume mixing the dough and complete the process anyway.

So after 3 hours, here is my 1st home made raisin loaf! At least it looks like a bread huh?

I immidiately cut the bread so that I can taste how freshly baked bread taste like. Not bad, the bread is soft but the crust is hard. I wonder why. But Wifey commented that the bread is lacking sweetness. But good first try though.
Home Made Raisin Bread
So that is my first experience baking bread from scratch. I basically do it without proper study and after the first result I searched the web and learned something new.
1) Using cold water to mix the ingredients. I have yet to know the reason behind it but my guess is that if we use normal water, the yeast would not react as good as it should in cold water.
2) The machine stop for a while after 20 minutes of mixing and makes the beeing sound to give a chance for us to put in some other ingredients in case we want to. So in my case, I should put in the raisins after the dough is mixed for about 20 minutes.
3) Do not cut the bread immidiately after it is out of the oven. Keep it cool for a while. Then you'll get a soft crust. This is true. The bread crust is soft like normal bread when I ate it the next morning.
I also realized that my bread has less raisins on each cut. Things that I've tweaked on my 2nd attempt which I'll blog about it later.
I'm so happy that Wifey went to Bake With Yen yesterday and bought me high protein flour, wholemeal bread flour and bread softener. I'm so lucky to have such a supportive Wifey. Love you sayang!
So watch out Gardenia.. you have a new competitor. Ceh.. baru bake 2 ketul roti nak lawan Gardenia!. Hahahahah


headsteadi said...

ni dah buang tabiat apa plak ni bake2 bread ni?

rumet said...

hahahahah... so unexpected huh?

Farra said...

guna bread maker mmg senang dr uli sendiri..tapi quite pricey..that's why kite uli dan bakar dlm oven time try use high protein flour ok..

rumet said...

tu la qz dah beli high protein flour dengan wholemeal flour... malam ni nak try.thanks!

Mueya said...

Waaaahhh...kagumnyer..Serious Rumet, u baked this? Or QZ ader tolong nie...?? Haha..sorry lah Rumet..macam tak percaya...

Farra said...

wa..jelesnyer..tade breadmaker.

rumet said...

Mueya... qz mana ade time nak tolong buat roti :)

Farra.. brand princess punya rm399 je. Kasik can la tak frugal kejap :P

nurulqz said...


cayelah I have no part in this except the eating part.. haha.. plus.. making bread not my thing laa .. not yet I hope.. I stick to my desserts and occasional cooking. BTW, dah meletup blom? Be sure to sms me when dah okay? Gluck!!

A y i L said...

sissy la wehh main masak2
pasni sure main jahit2..

nurulqz said...

tsk tsk... tatau ker men who cook are sexy...

esah.. ajar skit ayil masuk dapur..

Stupe said...

WELL DONE! Honoured that you are using my recipe. :)

if the breadmaker allows you to make larger bread, use 600grams of flour with 380ml of water.

By the way, don't forget salt and sugar!

Anonymous said...

Great! I'm gonna buy a bread maker. I've always wanted to bake my own super fibred bread. Thanks for sharig your experience!

Anonymous said...

Hi can you teach me how to use the NOXXA breadmeker that you use? thank you!

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