Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday Spectacles

This holiday season we can see everybody especially those who celebrates Christmas Day will shop for everything new. From new pairs of shoes, new dress, new shirt and up to the top - new head accessories. But usually people would not splurge on new pair of spectacles. I think the reason being is that people would have the impression that prescription lens would cost a bomb to make one just for the holidays. So people will resort to wear nice pair of clothes with shinning shoes but still stick with their working pair of glasses during the festive seasons.

Things will change after this. Brought to you by ZenniOptical this holiday season is their range of Holiday frames. I browsed through their choices of frames and let me tell you one thing, they look great and they are not expensive at all. I can see that some of them only cost 8 dollars.

Why go for the same black frame this holiday season when we have the choice to go wild with red, blue, green and even multicolor.

For myself, I am interested particularly on this frame. The 2275 Plastic Full-Rim Frame.

Why plastic? Holiday season is where you have fun. Where is the fun if you still wear the nerdy looking spectacles. So guys.. it doesn't cost a lot to look good this year end holiday. I'm sure you won't be disappointed with ZenniOptical.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Garlic Bread

I made this a few days back. The internet connection via Celcom 3G is so unreliable that I have to come to my parents place to update about this.

This time the ingredients are as below:

  • 350gm high protein flour (thanks to Wifey)
  • 200ml cold water
  • half pack of yeast
  • 2 pinches of salt.
  • 1/4 cup of sugar
  • 1/4 cup of corn flour
  • 13 cloves of garlic
I put in all the ingredients except for the garlic and set the machine to make dough.

While waiting for the machine to mix the ingredients, I chop the garlic finely. About after 20 minutes of mixing, I add in the garlic into the dough. After that I just wait for the dough to set in about 1 hour 10 minutes.

I take out the dough from the machine and put in a bread pan.. glass pan?
I let the dough to set for another 10 minutes and then baked it in my microwave convection mode for 20 minutes at 180 degree celcius.

And the result is as below.
Home made Garlic Bread

Yesterday I baked whole meal bread. Same method that I did with the garlic bread. Only that I let the dough to set for a bit longer .. about 3-4 hours longer. The dough doubled in size compared to the loaf above, and baking it with microwave oven did not produce a good result. The dough is not thorough;y cooked especially the middle inside. Wifey told me that the microwave oven cannot produce the same result as the proper oven.

Since we are moving to Bukit Jelutong soon, it's time for me to survey a stove + oven. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A&W 25th November 2008

I am not baking bread today. Woke up at 6.45am and went to Toyota PJ Service Center for a 7.45am appointment. Damn those alternator and power steering belts. I changed them few months back and now they are making the squeaking sound again. This time they cleaned the belts and hopefully its okay.

They detected that the brake pads are due for change and they quoted RM430 for both the front left and right pads. I told them I'll take the risk of having a lousy brake and if I get into an accident, at least the insurance company will pay for the replacement cost right? Just kidding lah..

Nothing much happening today. Played around with the movie maker from Picasa 3. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chocolate Raisin Bread

Apparently I am not kidding when I say Gardenia has a new competitor now. Last Friday I baked the Chocolate Raisin Bread which Gardenia recently released in their Delicia bread.

This time I tweaked a bit on the ingredients from the previous loaf.

  • 350gm of flour
  • 200ml cold low fat milk
  • 45ml cool water
  • 60gm sugar
  • 100gm raisins
  • 100gm Van Houten chocolate chips
  • pinch of salt
  • 5.5gm of yeast

Again I set the bread machine to bake basic bread but this time with a light crust colour.

Chocolate Raisin Bread

Three hours after that, a moist chocolate raisin bread is produced. Not bad... ada gaya nak jadi cam Gardenia Delicia bread. It's a bit too moist that some people would mistaken it with a cake. Wifey suggested to put some chocolate powder next time. I'll try that next time. As I am writing this, I am waiting for my wholemeal bread to finish the baking process. Haha.. semangat!

Hey.. I have to at least act as the bread winner of the family right?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bread Making with Noxxa Bread Maker

Inspired by my super senior's blog, I borrowed my parent's bread maker. They bought it few years back and I think they only baked less than 10 loaves of bread with it.

I was so excited about the idea of baking my own bread and as soon as I brought back the bread machine to Ara, I immidiately find the recipe to bake one. So from the original blog post, here are the ingredients.

  • 245ml of water
  • 350gm of flour
  • 1/5 block of butter (I put 50gm)
  • pinch of salt
  • 50gm of sugar
  • half packet of yeast (about 5.5gm)
  • raisins - I put in about 80gm

I put all the dry ingredients in one bowl, except for the yeast. I read somewhere on the internet that it is best not to mix the yeast with wet ingredients first.

So I poured the water in first into the machine, then put in the dry ingredient stuffs and put the yeast last .. on top.

I set the machine to bake a Basic bread with medium crust colour. Total time to complete process is 3 hours. I read that the Kenwood Bread Maker will take about 3 hours 27 minutes for a basic bread. The Noxxa does not have that settings, so I just go with their 3 hours preset.

As you can see, the machine is now mixing the dough. It will stop for a while after 20 minutes (if I'm not mistaken) and make a beeping sound. I do not know why because after that it'll resume mixing the dough and complete the process anyway.

So after 3 hours, here is my 1st home made raisin loaf! At least it looks like a bread huh?

I immidiately cut the bread so that I can taste how freshly baked bread taste like. Not bad, the bread is soft but the crust is hard. I wonder why. But Wifey commented that the bread is lacking sweetness. But good first try though.
Home Made Raisin Bread
So that is my first experience baking bread from scratch. I basically do it without proper study and after the first result I searched the web and learned something new.
1) Using cold water to mix the ingredients. I have yet to know the reason behind it but my guess is that if we use normal water, the yeast would not react as good as it should in cold water.
2) The machine stop for a while after 20 minutes of mixing and makes the beeing sound to give a chance for us to put in some other ingredients in case we want to. So in my case, I should put in the raisins after the dough is mixed for about 20 minutes.
3) Do not cut the bread immidiately after it is out of the oven. Keep it cool for a while. Then you'll get a soft crust. This is true. The bread crust is soft like normal bread when I ate it the next morning.
I also realized that my bread has less raisins on each cut. Things that I've tweaked on my 2nd attempt which I'll blog about it later.
I'm so happy that Wifey went to Bake With Yen yesterday and bought me high protein flour, wholemeal bread flour and bread softener. I'm so lucky to have such a supportive Wifey. Love you sayang!
So watch out Gardenia.. you have a new competitor. Ceh.. baru bake 2 ketul roti nak lawan Gardenia!. Hahahahah

Friday, December 12, 2008

Lazing around

Wildan has not sleep since he came back from his 2 months injection.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Avillion Port Dickson Trip

I think I've procrastinate long enough to blog about our recent trip to Avillion Hotel Port Dickson, Malaysia. It's the first trip after Wifey delivered Wildan. It's in conjunction with our 4th wedding anniversary. It's Wildan first outstation trip and if Wifey remembered correctly, Arianna's first outstation trip is to Port Dickson as well.

Should I write a review on Avillion Port Dickson? I think there are a few too many blogs that have done that. Let's just concentrate on our trip.

We took the Kiddies Package which is for 2 Adults and 2 Kids. We are entitled for a 3days 2nights stay at their Garden Chalet, breakfast for four and a few goodies for the kids. Total damage RM660++. Thank God Wifey is generous enough to pay for the trip.

So let's see the room.

Too bad that we couldn't get a Queen + single bed room. So we settled down with a 3 single beds room. Two of the beds are four-poster and the other one is a normal single bed by the window.

Where Wildan spent most of his time there. The picture below is the bathroom. The way I look at it they want us to enjoy the bathroom more than the room itself.

The open closet is placed in the bathroom, there's a center table in the middle of the bathroom. Strategic location for couples to try out their new kinky positions >:)

There are 2 wash basin. Supposed to be for his and hers but since we are taking the kiddies package, one sink is for the washing and the other is for Wildan to have his bath.

There's a bathtub... duhh. Arianna spent most of her time here. She bathe 4 times a day, as early as 6am and as late as 7pm. Again, the bathtub is too small for me and Wifey.
The swimming pool is also nice. There's one big pool and a small/wading pool with a slide. We went swimming on both evenings we were there.

While Wildan take a sunbath by the poolside. Haha.. dah cukup gelap dah!

Arianna is much most confident in the water but she still can't grab the idea of YOU CANNOT BREATH UNDERWATER. So she keeps on swallowing and sniffing water into her body. And yes, Wildan get his fair share of dipping in the pool at the age of 51 days!

On the 2nd day of our stay, we took Arianna to feed the rabbits at the pet farm. There are chickens and rabbits and a few peacocks at the farm. Well.. better that than nothing and for kids nowadays who grow up in the city, feeding cabbage to a rabbit is a big thing already!

And this is a picture of Arianna on a Kereta Lembu (Cow Car - direct translation).

One of the freebies that we get for taking the kiddies package is the Ice Cream Potong. To me the goodies and freebies are not worth it, but to take a room for 2 nights without taking the package is more expensive. So ice cream potong pon belasah je lah!

I am a bit disappointed with the food outlets they have in Port Dickson. For dinner you'll have all these TomYam seafood restaurants. We went to one of them each night and had simple dinner. Nothing to shout about. For lunch, I went out at 2.30pm to look for food and none of the restaurants have anything left to sell. The next thing they'll sell is the banana fritters for tea which starts at 4pm. So between 2.30pm - 4pm... human beings in Port Dickson do not consume food. Apa la!
The only picture of me throughout the whole trip.

On the last day of our stay, we went to the beach. The beach toy set is also part of the goodies. I promised Arianna to take her on the water scooter that day as I was told that I can take her by one of the security guard. So that day I told the water sports operator and he told me that Arianna is too small and the water scooter will not balance. Arianna is so devasted and heartbroken that she cried with the face of asking for sympathy. That face did work that the other family that was playing the sand next to us volunteered to take care of Wildan while Wifey, Arianna and I took a ride on the water scooter. Seronok la cik akak sorang ni!

Well that's about it! The trip from 30th November - 2nd December 2008. Naturally it would be our last trip for this year. One thing that I'll remember about this trip.. this time Arianna is big enough to play on her own and Wildan is too small that it's easy to take care of him. A few months down the road, things would not be the same anymore. By then Wifey and I have to take turns to eat, irregular sleeping time, clinglyness issue etc etc.

Thank you Wifey for the trip. So next anniversary nak belanja pegi mana pulak? :P

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Good Luck Wifey

Today Wifey will return to work after a long maternity + pregnancy leave. I wish her all the best and hopefully she enjoys the job as now she can do it without the nauseaness and all.

It's not to late to wish you all Selamat Hari Raya Korban as we are supposed to celebrate it for 4 days. And not to forget yesterday was 10 Zulhijjah, Wildan was born on 10 Syawal... so Happy 2 months old Wildan.

As for me... I'm about to have my 4 days off. Sounds a lot but I'm sure there're lots of things for me to do. Then I'll realize that it's already Saturday and I have to work again!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Blog Web Hosting

It's been a while since I toy with the idea of hosting this blog on my own. I've read up that most successful bloggers have at least their own domain name. Let's face it, having is much cooler than Instead of storing all my online pictures on blogger, I can store my pictures and video on my own web host.

Last time it's quite easy to pick a web hosting provider because there aren't that many to choose from. Nowadays the industry has grown so big that everybody is offering Unlimited Storage and Unlimited Data Transfer and this is giving such a dilemma for a layman like me to choose the best web hosting provider. Luckily there is a website that does reviews and ratings for web site hosting. The people behind this website has been doing the reviews and ratings since 2004.

The first and most eye catching page would be the Top 10 Web Hosting Providers for 2008. Here they will list the ratings, features and bonus features given by the providers. What I am interested in is the Best Blog Hosting page and the the Best Budget Hosting. So am I ready for a commitment of around $4.95 per month? I actually set a target if I consistently blog 20 posts per month for 3 consecutive months, I surely will get my own web domain and hosting!

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Goncang Sebelum Minum

Click on the picture.

Nak goncang apa oi dah ubat pil!

Law Enforcement Industry

Before I blog about my recent trip to Port Dickson, I would like to blog a bit on my concerns of the disasters that happened in our Asia region recently. First is the terrorist attack in Mumbai and the riot in Thailand airports that prevented commercial airlines to fly in and out of the airport.

These events are disturbing enough that people are now thinking twice of taking a trip to Asian countries. But these are the times when the law enforcement industry can grow. If I'm not mistaken after the 9/11 incident the stock market price on security industry did boom a lot!

On a different note if you are interested to get the law enforcement tactical outfit, you can have a look at 5.11. Here you can find a lot of tactical gears and apparels. There is a wide range of selection on high cut boots from reputable brands such as Converse, Timberland, Matterhorn, Rocky and others.

It is not easy to find these high quality gears in Malaysia. It's good that WorkBootsUSA does ships their products to international countries and not only to the United States. If you are not into tactical gears or apparels, they also have working boots, shirts and pants for you to purchase. They do accept American Express, Visa and MasterCard for payments.

I wish I have the money to purchase all the cool gadgets here. The tactical eyewear will be in my wishlist. Can I use my optical allowance to make this purchase? I'm interested in the 5.11 Tactical Eagle Glasses. You'll look like a SWAT team by wearing them.

So guys, don't wait any longer. Fulfil your childhood dream. Imagine yourself wearing a full suit body armour complete with combat boots, gloves, pouch and a SWAT eyewear with it. Eventhough we would not go into war or anything, at least your wives can be happy having a tough man in the house :)

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