Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wildan's 1st Month Injection

This is supposed to be Arianna's and Wifey's 1st outing after the delivery. But with all the jaundice, kenduri cukur jambul and visits to the clinic... I lost count how many times they have "step foot on the ground" since they were discharged from the hospital.

At one month of age, baby will have to take the complusory Hepatitis B second dose injection. The 1st dose is given one day after the baby is delivered. Babies nowadays are considered lucky as they are now Hep B protected since young. As far as I know, I myself has not been immunized againts Hep B.

So by 9.30am yesterday, everybody is ready for the outing.

This smart boy somehow has the feelings that he is going to get into trouble today.
But it's okay. We bring along the expert in getting injections in the family to calm Wildan down. The big sista.
When we first told Arianna that we are taking Wildan for an injection her response was,"Ayah, Arianna pon nak kene cucuk la.. Arianna tak makan banyak. Kene jumpa doktor suruh cucuk". So if you think you want to scare her off with the needle torture, just forget it lah! She'll ask for more.
This is taken while waiting for Wildan's and Ibu's turn. Ibu also has an appoinment with the doctor to check on the condition of the uterus and to discuss on the best contraceptive measures to be taken.

Wildan did cry a bit after being shot. His overall growth is very good. He is now 4.9Kg.. 2.1Kg increase since the day he was born. length wise he grew 6cm to 58cm.

There's a lot of reasons to be happy today. We get to go out together as compared to just me and Arianna before this doing all the errants. Wifey managed to rent out her house (hence no more advert on the top right of the page). Hopefully we can hand over the keys to the tenant by January next year. I managed to change the ticker. Seriously the ticker from ticker factory sucks big time.

Last but not least, I'm very happy that I received a cheque from our IRS of Rm 600+ for my last year income tax rebate. For someone that uses E-filling to declare my income which they claim will get back their rebate within 2 weeks time after declaration... I'm a bit upset with their quality of service. But.. better late than never right? So nak enjoy beli apa ni?? Hehe


yatipruzz said...

rumet, ko ade write official letter ke to claim for the rebate?

tensi la ngan derang nih :(

mummy esah cun said...

yeayy wildan dah big boyyy!
qz ko dah kurusss balik! as if ko naik byk kann.. jelessssssssssnyer akuuuuu
ariannaaa...what happened to ur front hair.. kene gigit tikus keee hihihihii
yeayyy rumet dah dpt tenant.. extra money means "here we goo UK!"
c u sooonnnn

rumet said...

yati... yes aku ade e-mail kat ceo die

mummy esah perasan cun.... mana cukup rental rumah nak beli tiket!

nurulqz said...

mmg esah yg memang cun pon ( cough 2)

mane ade kurus? aku nye fat allocation top to bottom laa... tgk muke mmg laa kurus.. scan bawah 2 skit.. byk yg fail lagik nih..

Alhamdulillah.. dah dpt tenant yang gaye cam okay... tapi rumet nak tukar non shift job plak... so ade pay cut... hish cane nak sampai uk nih?

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