Friday, November 21, 2008

We are going home today

Its day 43 today! Verified that with the mother-in-law. Since I'm working on Sunday, it'll best for us to go back to Ara Damansara today to do some spring cleaning to the house. So that by Saturday we can settle down and I'll be going to work on Sunday leaving Wifey and the kids with a proper home :)

After Wildan was born, we came to our senses that we need a car seat. Arianna is trained to seat on a car seat when she can seat on her own... which is at around 1 year old. The car seat was a present from Uncle Kim. A Recaro Start. It is meant for child 1 - 4 years of age.

I am toying around with the idea of getting a car seat which can be used for child aged newborn - 4 years old. With this we can fit both Wildan and Arianna (not at the same time lah). If I follow my liver (ikutkan hati), I would want to purchase either the Recaro Como or the Concord Ultimax. But if I have to follow my wallet and credit card limit, then I should scout something like Sweet Cherry or Anakku stuffs.

At the moment, we are trying the infant car seat which belongs to Wifey's sister. Her 10 month old son seems not to utilize this gadget that much. If things are okay, we'll buy ths from her lah.

See the big sista! Got talent to become pro photographer or not? We tried to use it on our way back to Kelana Jaya yesterday to drop off Arianna. One thing I find it too bulky to be installed rear facing at the back seat. I have to adjust the front seat to be a bit more upright and have to move it more to the front. In other words, for the comfort of the baby, I have to drive with a super upright body posture and my knees touching the steering wheel. I'm sure if it's installed at the passenger seat in front or front facing it won't be a problem. But the manual says that for infant less than 35lbs, car seat must be installed rear facing and not on the seat that has an Air-bag system.

Maybe the Vios is too small? Need to upgrade to an Estima? Aaaahhh... that's the liver talking again.

Wifey noticed one thing about this 2 siblings. When Arianna is near Wildan, Wildan will be unhappy. And when she touches her brother, the brother will start crying. Wildan some how does not appreciate too much attention given to him by the sister. Hehe. Enjoy your weekend people!


john f seademon said...

Such a cute baby. And we as parents can only pray that our children will be able to enjoy a better life than what we've had and are having now.

AyiL said...

if follow my liver, i wud buy XC90 and for sure my liver be happy crazy cannot remember!

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