Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Pair of Glasses

One of the benefit that I get after joining the new company September last year is RM1000 allowance for optical or dental. It's a RM500 increment compared to the one given by the previous company. The good thing about this allowance is that you are eligible to claim within that calender year. So even though I joined in September, I still can claim the whole RM 1000. Come January 2008, I am entitled for another RM1000. The best thing about this is, when I was outsourced to a vendor company July this year, I am entitled for another RM1000. Great huh?

Now is November, I have less than 2 months to claim the RM1000. I went to the dentist earlier this year, bought Wifey new spectacles and contact lenses. Mine is less than 1 year old. But I will never waste this benefit given by the company.

The other problem with optometrist shops in Malaysia is that the choices are scarce. The designs are old and the brands are limited. So you'll see people wearing the same brand and design in the office. Why not shop for spectacles online ?

Among the top Online Optical Retailer on the net is Zenni Optical. They are offering high index spectacles with frame for the price of as low as USD8.00. You don't need RM1000 to get a spectacles here. Have a look at their catalog here:

I am sure that most of us are skeptical of purchasing prescription eyeglasses online, but rest assured that Zenni Optical is even recommended by The Clark Howard Show, a popular U.S. talk radio host of the nationally syndicated consumer advocate program. You can even read customers' testimonials here:

For myself, I am eyeing for a Full Titanium frame like this.

So guys, for those of you that haven't use up your optical benefit. Do check out Zenni Optical for their latest frame arrival.

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