Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy 1 month birthday Wildan

It's already the 11th November by the time I'm writing this.
I did snap a few pictures of you today, but none of them portray that you are 1 month old.

Today (10th of November) until the 12th, Malaysia Airlines is doing a Global Online Sale. We are toying around with the idea to go to UK... konon-konon nak pegi visit Ayil, Beny, Jasmy etc etc. The lowest they are offering is RM1069 per person one way. So we go to this website, put in the dates and let them calculate for a trip of 2 adults, 1 child and 1 infant. With the promotional price, the total flight fares including taxes and surcharges is somewhere around RM13K!!! Well Ayil and gang... we'll meet up next year .....

in Malaysia.


Effa said...

hahahha..ingatkan pegi uk. chatted with qz regarding this yesterday :D
kalo nak pegi jugak, just the 2 of u la. boleh enjoy! around 8k++ je ;) tp sure asyik teringat ur kids je nnt. hehehe...anyways, happy 1 month birthday, wildan!

auntie kell said...

the ending is really funny, hampir tertipu and was about to buzz qz! did give the website a try myself but mcm no significant reduction pon lps campur semua.

salam to ibu qz and her gems

AyiL said...

MAS mmg ler.. ko check la etihad ke qatar emirates etc.. murah sket kot.. aku check etihad for march next year ard 11.7k.. cube ko try check.. kalo 13k pon ok la tu.. 2 bln gaji ko ley lepas hehe

rumet said...

effa: pegi 2 org je? hmm... susah skit tu.. tak sanggup tinggal.

auntie kell: tu la.. MAS ni mabuk kot! certain combination tarikh and flight plan... dapat lagi murah dari RM1069 punya promo price.

ayil: 2 bulan gaji??? abes 2 bulan tak bayar hutang la!! KLM stakat ni paling murah... tapi stop kat Amsterdam, Paris, baru sampai Manchester...hahahha

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