Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Few more days to go

From the ticker above, we can see that Wildan is 1 month, 1 week and 1 day old. According to the confinement rule, the mother should be house bound for 44 days. This time Wifey managed to negotiate for an early release to a 40 days confinement.

The way I look at it, Wifey's mom is not that fit to organize a full course confinement anymore. The age has caught up with her spirit (belasah je pakai term ni). Well we can't blame the "confinement lady" for this. She is 60+ years old, by right she should be enjoying her life now after working for so many years. To compare with the confinement Wifey had when she had Arianna, the confinement this this only achieve 50% of the Key Performance Indicator. There are some rituals that have been skipped and some restrictions that has been eased.

For example, yesterday the 4 of us went out again. This time we sent Arianna back to Kelana Jaya, had lunch at Chicken Rice Shop Kelana Jaya and went to the bank to renew Wifey's road tax.

Anyway.. all of us can't wait for Thursday. We already make plans for Friday. We are now planning how to move in back to Ara Damansara after almost 9 months leaving that house. My mother-in-law is also planning to have a oil rice (nasi minyak) feast to celebrate Wifey's Confinement Graduation.

The next big thing to look forward to is.... to move to Bukit Jelutong!

1 comment:

Farra said...

boleh plak nego2 tempoh berpantang tu jadi 40 days ek..hihi

btw, selamat berpindah rumah!

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