Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Thanks to Auntie Mueya for the present. Baby Wildan seems to enjoy it. The same reaction when Arianna first had it ;)

After Confinement Dinner

Last Friday we went out for dinner at Sari Ratu Restaurant Kelana Jaya for a celebration of Wifey's end of confinement. Nothing to blog about the food as I think everybody knows how nasi padang tastes like.

It's been a while since we last hang out together. It's good to hear my friends are progressing well with their careers. One of them are now getting lots of acting offers; with the role of a gay of course. One of them will be upgraded soon, rezeki baby la tu....

All in all... we had a great dinner that night. Next we look forward to celebrate our anniversary. And Cipok's birthday and Farul's anniversary. They are planning for a karaoke session.... which I'm not a fan of...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Morning

I left early this morning for my AP shift. Didn't have a chance to say proper goodbye as everybody were still asleep. I slept early last night because I am not feeling well.

At around 9am Wifey sent me a MMS with a picture of Arianna eating breakfast. Mushroom and cheese and a cup of Milo. Cute huh?

Friday, November 21, 2008

We are going home today

Its day 43 today! Verified that with the mother-in-law. Since I'm working on Sunday, it'll best for us to go back to Ara Damansara today to do some spring cleaning to the house. So that by Saturday we can settle down and I'll be going to work on Sunday leaving Wifey and the kids with a proper home :)

After Wildan was born, we came to our senses that we need a car seat. Arianna is trained to seat on a car seat when she can seat on her own... which is at around 1 year old. The car seat was a present from Uncle Kim. A Recaro Start. It is meant for child 1 - 4 years of age.

I am toying around with the idea of getting a car seat which can be used for child aged newborn - 4 years old. With this we can fit both Wildan and Arianna (not at the same time lah). If I follow my liver (ikutkan hati), I would want to purchase either the Recaro Como or the Concord Ultimax. But if I have to follow my wallet and credit card limit, then I should scout something like Sweet Cherry or Anakku stuffs.

At the moment, we are trying the infant car seat which belongs to Wifey's sister. Her 10 month old son seems not to utilize this gadget that much. If things are okay, we'll buy ths from her lah.

See the big sista! Got talent to become pro photographer or not? We tried to use it on our way back to Kelana Jaya yesterday to drop off Arianna. One thing I find it too bulky to be installed rear facing at the back seat. I have to adjust the front seat to be a bit more upright and have to move it more to the front. In other words, for the comfort of the baby, I have to drive with a super upright body posture and my knees touching the steering wheel. I'm sure if it's installed at the passenger seat in front or front facing it won't be a problem. But the manual says that for infant less than 35lbs, car seat must be installed rear facing and not on the seat that has an Air-bag system.

Maybe the Vios is too small? Need to upgrade to an Estima? Aaaahhh... that's the liver talking again.

Wifey noticed one thing about this 2 siblings. When Arianna is near Wildan, Wildan will be unhappy. And when she touches her brother, the brother will start crying. Wildan some how does not appreciate too much attention given to him by the sister. Hehe. Enjoy your weekend people!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Apple Pie Day

Today is my second off day. I have 2 days to go before having to go back to work on SUNDAY!

One thing I noticed about my work is that, my night shift recovery has deteriorate compared to a few months back. Nowadays after the night shift I will sleep from 7.30am to 10am... then 11am to 2.30pm. Then I'll sleep again at 3pm until about 6pm. And by 8pm I'll retire for the day. Not easy if you have a son that prefers to stay awake at night huh?

This is when I admire Wifey very much. I wonder how she can have the energy to bake an apple pie yesterday!

The apple pie is requested by her grandaunt. Wifey never baked apple pie before but it turned out very good. So far it's proven that Wifey has the talent in baking. Her bread pudding is the best and you guys wouldn't want to miss her lemon meringue pie.

This is the outcome of yesterday's baking. Now I agree that Wifey needs an oven to make her visit the kitchen more often. Maybe that should be among the first thing to get when we move in to Bukit Jelutong.

* As I'm writing this, Wifey is baking flapjacks. It's either she is celebrating her out of confinement with style.. or she loves me so much!
* I love you Wifey :)

At the immigration office

The employer must get the working permit done within one month after the maid arrives.

Due date for my maid is 22nd November. I brought Arianna along to collect the permit and what we see today is "maaf sistem tergendala.anda akan dilayan sebentar lagi". Sigh!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Few more days to go

From the ticker above, we can see that Wildan is 1 month, 1 week and 1 day old. According to the confinement rule, the mother should be house bound for 44 days. This time Wifey managed to negotiate for an early release to a 40 days confinement.

The way I look at it, Wifey's mom is not that fit to organize a full course confinement anymore. The age has caught up with her spirit (belasah je pakai term ni). Well we can't blame the "confinement lady" for this. She is 60+ years old, by right she should be enjoying her life now after working for so many years. To compare with the confinement Wifey had when she had Arianna, the confinement this this only achieve 50% of the Key Performance Indicator. There are some rituals that have been skipped and some restrictions that has been eased.

For example, yesterday the 4 of us went out again. This time we sent Arianna back to Kelana Jaya, had lunch at Chicken Rice Shop Kelana Jaya and went to the bank to renew Wifey's road tax.

Anyway.. all of us can't wait for Thursday. We already make plans for Friday. We are now planning how to move in back to Ara Damansara after almost 9 months leaving that house. My mother-in-law is also planning to have a oil rice (nasi minyak) feast to celebrate Wifey's Confinement Graduation.

The next big thing to look forward to is.... to move to Bukit Jelutong!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Pair of Glasses

One of the benefit that I get after joining the new company September last year is RM1000 allowance for optical or dental. It's a RM500 increment compared to the one given by the previous company. The good thing about this allowance is that you are eligible to claim within that calender year. So even though I joined in September, I still can claim the whole RM 1000. Come January 2008, I am entitled for another RM1000. The best thing about this is, when I was outsourced to a vendor company July this year, I am entitled for another RM1000. Great huh?

Now is November, I have less than 2 months to claim the RM1000. I went to the dentist earlier this year, bought Wifey new spectacles and contact lenses. Mine is less than 1 year old. But I will never waste this benefit given by the company.

The other problem with optometrist shops in Malaysia is that the choices are scarce. The designs are old and the brands are limited. So you'll see people wearing the same brand and design in the office. Why not shop for spectacles online ?

Among the top Online Optical Retailer on the net is Zenni Optical. They are offering high index spectacles with frame for the price of as low as USD8.00. You don't need RM1000 to get a spectacles here. Have a look at their catalog here: http://zennioptical.com/cart/home.php

I am sure that most of us are skeptical of purchasing prescription eyeglasses online, but rest assured that Zenni Optical is even recommended by The Clark Howard Show, a popular U.S. talk radio host of the nationally syndicated consumer advocate program. You can even read customers' testimonials here: http://clarkhoward.com/liveweb/shownotes/2007/06/27/12362/

For myself, I am eyeing for a Full Titanium frame like this.

So guys, for those of you that haven't use up your optical benefit. Do check out Zenni Optical for their latest frame arrival.

* This is a sponsored post

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wildan's 1st Month Injection

This is supposed to be Arianna's and Wifey's 1st outing after the delivery. But with all the jaundice, kenduri cukur jambul and visits to the clinic... I lost count how many times they have "step foot on the ground" since they were discharged from the hospital.

At one month of age, baby will have to take the complusory Hepatitis B second dose injection. The 1st dose is given one day after the baby is delivered. Babies nowadays are considered lucky as they are now Hep B protected since young. As far as I know, I myself has not been immunized againts Hep B.

So by 9.30am yesterday, everybody is ready for the outing.

This smart boy somehow has the feelings that he is going to get into trouble today.
But it's okay. We bring along the expert in getting injections in the family to calm Wildan down. The big sista.
When we first told Arianna that we are taking Wildan for an injection her response was,"Ayah, Arianna pon nak kene cucuk la.. Arianna tak makan banyak. Kene jumpa doktor suruh cucuk". So if you think you want to scare her off with the needle torture, just forget it lah! She'll ask for more.
This is taken while waiting for Wildan's and Ibu's turn. Ibu also has an appoinment with the doctor to check on the condition of the uterus and to discuss on the best contraceptive measures to be taken.

Wildan did cry a bit after being shot. His overall growth is very good. He is now 4.9Kg.. 2.1Kg increase since the day he was born. length wise he grew 6cm to 58cm.

There's a lot of reasons to be happy today. We get to go out together as compared to just me and Arianna before this doing all the errants. Wifey managed to rent out her house (hence no more advert on the top right of the page). Hopefully we can hand over the keys to the tenant by January next year. I managed to change the ticker. Seriously the ticker from ticker factory sucks big time.

Last but not least, I'm very happy that I received a cheque from our IRS of Rm 600+ for my last year income tax rebate. For someone that uses E-filling to declare my income which they claim will get back their rebate within 2 weeks time after declaration... I'm a bit upset with their quality of service. But.. better late than never right? So nak enjoy beli apa ni?? Hehe

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy 1 month birthday Wildan

It's already the 11th November by the time I'm writing this.
I did snap a few pictures of you today, but none of them portray that you are 1 month old.

Today (10th of November) until the 12th, Malaysia Airlines is doing a Global Online Sale. We are toying around with the idea to go to UK... konon-konon nak pegi visit Ayil, Beny, Jasmy etc etc. The lowest they are offering is RM1069 per person one way. So we go to this website, put in the dates and let them calculate for a trip of 2 adults, 1 child and 1 infant. With the promotional price, the total flight fares including taxes and surcharges is somewhere around RM13K!!! Well Ayil and gang... we'll meet up next year .....

in Malaysia.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Pantang Bayi : Tuam

Jangan ingat hanya Ibu sahaja yang berpantang sepanjang 44 hari berada di "rumah pantangan". Jika mengikut adat resam Melayu asli, bayi juga akan berpantang sama. Jika Ibu tidak boleh keluar rumah selama 44 hari, maka bayi juga dilarang keluar.

Salah satu amalan untuk bayi berpantang ialah tuam. Saya tidak pasti sama ada masyarakat Melayu zaman sekarang masih lagi mengamalkan tradisi ini atau tidak, tetapi bagi Arianna dan Wildan perkara ini diselitkan sebagai salah satu proses tumbesaran mereka.

Amalan tuam ini akan dilakukan setelah tali pusat bayi tersebut jatuh. Menurut kata orang-orang tua (ahli nujum tak bertauliah) ada maksud di sebalik kejatuhan tali pusat bayi tersebut. Maksud yang paling tersebar luas dikalangan masyarakat Melayu ialah, jika tali pusat tersbut jatuh ketika bayi sedang mandi dan terjatuh di dalam air mandian, maka dikhuatiri bayi tersebut akan mati lemas satu hari nanti.

Oleh kerana saya mengharapkan blog ini akan berkekalan sehingga seratus atau 200 tahun akan datang, maka saya ingin mencipta beberapa mitos tentang kejatuhan tali pusat ini. Jika tali pusat jatuh dalam toilet bowl... maka bayi akan sentiasa terkincit tak sempat sampai ke toilet bila nak buang air besar, jika tali pusat jatuh atas lantai.. bergantung pula pada jenis lantai tersebut. Jika parquet.. lain maksudnya, jika lamintaed flooring lain dan jika lantai simen... lain. Cukup lah merepek.

Jika kita lihat gambar di bawah, Wildan sedang dituam oleh neneknya. Tujuan tuam sebenarnya untuk memanaskan badan bayi selepas mandi. Cuma bezanya tuam bayi dengan tuam orang besar yang nak mengelakkan kepala benjol ialah medium tuam yang digunakan. Jika kita hendak tuam orang dewasa, kita hanya gunakan sekeping tuala kecil dan tiup menggunakan hembusan nafas yang panas atau letakkan kain tersebut di cerek air panas. Istimewanya tuam bayi ini, mediumnya ialah sebiji bantal kecil dimana kain kapas dijahit dibuat bantal dan diisi dengan halba. Amalan keluarga saya pula, tali pusat yang jatuh tadi diletakkan di dalam bantal tersebut juga. Apakah hikmah disebalik amalam tersebut? Wallahualam. Dengar cakap "orang tua-tua". Tetapi dari aspek kemanusiaan, daripada buang tali pusat tersebut dalam tong sampah, baik letak dalam bantal tersebut dan tuam tuan punya badan.

Pada zaman dahulu kala dimana seterika masih tidak wujud, bantal tuam tersebut akan dipanaskan dengan bara arang. Ada juga "orang tua-tua" yang memasukkan sedikit kemenyan kepada bara arang tersebut. Nak membiasakan bayi tersebut jumpa bomoh kot. Tetapi di zaman sekarang, mana ada orang rajin nak bakar arang 2 kali sehari nak tuam bayi yang prosesnya mengambil masa tak sampai 5 minit. Nak bakar arang lagi lama.

Maka gambar di bawah menunjukkan suasana sebenar bagaimana amalan tuam ini dilakukan. Bayi selepas mandi sudah pastinya dengan keadaan bogel (ini kalau search google "bayi bogel" sure sampai kat blog aku), akan dipangku di atas riba mak bidan a.k.a nenek. Seterika yang sedang panas di sebelah. Lebih afdhal jika ada seterika yang non-stick. Steam iron tidak mandatori.

Mengapa nenek Wildan memakai topeng jururawat? Adakan Wildan terlalu busuk walupun baru lepas mandi? Adakah Nenek camera shy? Adakah Nenek tidak sihat dan tidak mahu Wildan berjangkit? Atau adakah ini salah satu daripada amalan "orang tua-tua" yang kita orang "muda-muda" tidak akan faham? Cuba teka!

Kedua gambar di atas di rakamkan pada 26 Oktober 2008. Gambar-gambar di bawah pula di ambil pada 1 November 2008. Bagaimana saudara? Adakah Wildan nampak besar sedikit?

Amalan tuam ini amat bagus diamalkan 2 kali sehari iaitu selepas mandi pagi dan petang. Hikmah disebaliknya ialah badan bayi akan sentiasa panas. Proses tuam ini akan memanaskan otot dan sendi bayi dengan cara yang lembut dan ini akan menggalakkan tumbesaran bayi.

Biasalah masyarakat Melayu tidak akan lari dari persepsi angin masuk ikut kulit. Angin masuk dari tapak kaki, dari pusat, tapak tangan dan sebagainya. Maka amalan tuam ini akan membantu untuk mengurangkan peluang angin untuk menembusi liang-liang kulit dan masuk ke dalam badan bayi.

Ada beberapa lagi pantang bayi yang kami amalkan untuk Wildan dan juga Arianna. InsyaAllah saya akan kupaskan satu persatu di posting yang akan datang.

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