Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yin and Yang

I wanted to update this yesterday but for unforeseen circumstances, I'm doing it today.

Last Sunday I brought Wifey, Arianna and Wildan to the confinement home a.k.a Rumah Nenek (to Arianna) a.k.a The Alcatraz (to Wifey). Wifey did her confinement for Arianna here as well and we roughly know what to expect and we are trying to make the best out of it. So basically here is where Wifey will spent her next 44 days in.

Siapa la yang manja tu..

See the carpet in the middle of the room? I slept there for the past 2 nights.

Wildan is so small compared to the big crib we bought for him.

Reason why I had to sleep on the floor.

So on his first night spent outside the hospital, Wildan woke up every hour throughout the night. Pretty much expected by all the parents all over the world right? And Arianna woke up at 3am and accompanied her brother until Subuh when she went back to sleep.

Regarding the title above, Arianna was born with 3.25kg body weight. She was a tough girl with solid body. While Wildan is borned 2.8kg and you can see his skinny legs and skeletal structures. Partly because Wifey had a tough pregnancy. On normal nights, we will sleep with the air-cond on and will try to put Arianna under the blanket. Usually less than 5 minutes after that, she will be out of the blanket. When the air-cond is off in the middle of the night, she will roll on the bed and find a spot which is directly under the fan.

In Wildan's case, we point where we take off his clothes for mandi or tukar pampers, he will start crying and his body will start to shiver. If the air-cond is on and we carry him pass through the flow of the cold air, he will start to sneeze.

How are we supposed to please this two kids? The only logical solution is to sleep in separate rooms but you can see how attached Arianna is to her mother still. So for the past 2 nights we did not switch on the air cond and put the fan speed to 1. And yes Arianna did find her spot under the fan but she was sweating the whole night. But surprisingly she did not cry or complaint. A 2 year old also knows the meaning of sacrifice for her brother. Ala.. Arianna kan anak Ayah. People can claim that they can sleep while sitting or driving or even standing. But I can sleep while taking a pee. People sleep walking, I did sleep bathing! Hah! My uncle did tell me once that my dad did sleep while riding his bicycle! Haha.... setakat tade air-cond ni... tade hal la kan Arianna?

The post is getting a bit too long right? Let me continue on the next post. Basically we are doing fine in the confinement environment. The only thing that worries us now is that we are seeing blood stains in Wildan's urine. Any doctors reading this blog?


Afidalina Tumian said...

yeay, good to see u guys yesterday. kalau ada masa, ko send gmbr kitorg semlm ek? may Allah bestow you guys with His Love and Protection!

headsteadi said...

u actually have to sleep at the confinement home? or is this your new house?

tak bleh ambik and hantar balik ke tke tukang urut?

rumet said...

mana ada herman.
confinement home tu rumah mak wife aku la... tukang urut nanti gua cerita

Julie said...

rumet, anak aku faris pon sama, ada blood spots in the urine, but that's normal if you see spots.. it will eventually hilang.. unless it's getting worse or makin banyak, then you have to start worrying.. just give a call to your paed to confirm..

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