Saturday, October 18, 2008

We are finally back home

Last Wednesday we noticed that Wildan's eyes were extra yellow. We took him to KPJ Hospital in Kajang and his bilirubin level is 24mg. Multiply that with 17 to get the reading in millimoles and you'll get 408. Babies are usually admitted when the reading reaches 250.

The doctor admitted Wildan to the phototherapy ward and put him under double photo. From the video below, I can tell you Wildan is not the only one crying lah.

After 4 hours under the lights, the doctor took somemore blood to check the bilirubin level. And sadly the level is now 26.4mg! The doctor had to put in the drip to dilute the level of bilirubin in the blood as highly concentrated bilirubin in the blood floing o the blood can cause damage to the nerves. The 1st one to go would be the hearing nerves.

This is a very alarming stage. If it reaches 29 - 30 mg, Wildan would need to undergo blood transfusion.

Three hours under the lights with drip, the test was done again. Alhamdulillah the reading has reduced to 22.5mg. I left Wifey to babysit Wildan at the hospital as I have to take care of Arianna at home. After all Wifey only managed to get a 5 bedded room, so no visitors are allowed to accompany throughout the night. The next morning the test was done again and the reading has reduced to 19.8mg.

So on Friday morning the test was done again. Wildan is pinkish and his eyes are not as yellow. The result is 13mg! Alhamdulillah Wildan is allowed to go back home. We went back to Kelana Jaya as on Saturday there's a celebration for Wildan.

Thanks to all for your prayers for Wildan's recovery. May God bless you all.


Farra said...

alhamdulillah wildan dah blk umah ;)

headsteadi said...

thank god, wildan is well. lu buat gua nervous lah bro ...

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