Sunday, October 26, 2008


I had to put in the tickers above as I'm easily confused on Wildan's age. Padahal lahir 10 haribulan tu.

So on Saturday 25th October is the day that the umbilical cord attached to Wildan's navel fell off. Its a great relieve for us all as it took a pretty long time compared to Arianna's. Sampai kene beli one box of 100s alchohol swabs lah!

On that day also, I went to pick up our maid. So we hope that she can help to do some house chores and kids related stuffs. And hopefully starting from today Wifey can have a proper confinement. Total money spent to get the maid is RM4500 plus some photostatting and traveling expenses to the Immigration office etc...

I haven't looked into the pictures to update in this blog. Hopefully I can do it over this weekend. Deepavali is coming up this Monday. Happy Deepavali to all my friends yang celebrate. So far I've received 3 Raya open house invitations for that day but unfortunately I'll be working from 3pm to midnight.

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