Sunday, October 05, 2008

Raya So Far

On the 2nd day of Raya we went to Raju's for breakfast. After one day of eating ketupat, lemang and rendang we thought it's a good idea to have some roti canai for a change. After all we missed eating roti canai during the fasting month.

Unfortunately later that evening I was down with cirit-birit. My father had it yesterday evening and today it's my turn. Anyway we went back to Cheras again to meet Abah. He just arrived from Semanggol. We had dinner at Mines.

On 3rd day of Raya is my parents' open house. Not many pictures were captured that day. I was so busy clearing the plates, arranging the tables and chairs, replenishing the food and etc. Just for the record, Arianna was wearing the red baju kurung that day.

4th day of Raya... it's my cousin's wedding. Held at Kompleks Seni Islam, Shah Alam. I was the self-appointed photographer :P but I did not stay throughout the event as it's Wifey's turn to get cirit-birit.

Today is the 5th day of Raya. Wifey is still making her frequent visit to the toilet and my brother is following her track as well. We're supposed to visit Ceng and MatNor in Shah Alam today but I guess I have to skip that. My Auntie is also having her Open House today in Kajang... and we are skipping that one too.

So that's about it. Hari Raya full of toilet visits.


headsteadi said...

mcm best jer Raju ni. kat mana? how to get there?

kene CB pasal mknan dah basi kut ...

Anonymous said...

First time seeing roti prata being served on banana leaf. Looks so tempting and delicious. Yummy ;-)


rumet said...

its in PJ. somebody bogged about it here:

the roti canai garing mmg terbaik!

Anonymous said...

we miss morning brekkie at rajuuuuuuuuuuuuuu huuhhuhuuh

ejad said...

Dey tamau itu Raju kalu... pegi try sana Jalan Othman Medan Selera. Kedey nama Kavita. Satu row sama yitu kedey SOMA (nasi goreng ayam byk giler). Yitu Kavita punya banana leaf pun ada wokay juga. Lagi satu, sana seksyen 19. Kalu turun dari YesYesTwo, lepas yitu bridge sana depan ada korner sablum yitu roundabout. Itu korner atas ada kedey. Cari situ laaa, Kedey sablah lorong. Dia ada meja bawah pokok juga. (Aisey aku nama juga ada lupa itu kedey).

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