Sunday, October 12, 2008

One day with Kakak Arianna

Yesterday I fetch Arianna from Kelana Jaya to take her to the hospital to babysit her newborn brother. The doctors verified that the mother and son are fine and healthy, the mother is adviced to stay one more night to let the body recuperate better.

As soon as Arianna set eyes on her brother, as usual there'll be dozens of questions popping out from her mouth. "Adik buat apa tu?", "Adik minum susu apa?", "Kenapa adik minum susu perut ibu?" etc etc. Few minutes after that, came the big sister role playing game. "Nak bagi adik pakai mittens", "Nak dukung adik", "Nak sayang adik", "Nak letak adik atas katil", "Nak bagi adik pegang toy" etc etc. For those who know Arianna, you would know what to expect from her lah...

Sayang adik

Nak tengok adik dalam katil die..

Nak sapu kepala adik

The closest she can get to dukung adik. Is to baring beside her brother

Sisterly and brotherly love.

Both of you will have to take care of each other. Watch each other's back and etc when Ayah and Ibu are not around one day. Ayah and Ibu will try our best to prepare you two to face the world. Insya Allah.

So yesterday everybody from Wifey's family came except for Ina as she is in Singapore. My parents came to collect Arianna back home. Apparently her Pak Su misses her. Thanks to Farul & family for coming, and congratulations on the great news. Not to forget Uncle Ceng, thanks for coming. We know you are very busy with your sales :)

All the visitors will not fail to ask the name of the baby. And we appointed Arianna as the introducer to our newborn prince. "Apa nama adik Arianna?" Off and on she will answer, "Wildan". That's it. Welcome Wildan bin Azril to the community. He will get the Well Done jokes through his entire life. But the joke won't be on him when he and his sister Arianna take over or build a bigger empire than this:

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Haha. enjoy your weekend people!


headsteadi said...

so cute lah arianna playing her big sister role :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations on the birth of your baby.has been reading your blog since before Qz got pregnant with arianna.congrats and all the very best!

Mynie said...

what a lovely arianna-wildan photos! comel comel comel!
congratulations to you all :) alhamdulillah..

chics said...

Hahaha the A&w thingy is hilarious.

BTW, congrats!

Rohaizan said...

congrats on the arrival of Wildan.
Kira dah cukup sepasang la ..

rumet said...

thank you thank you...
you all made our day ... especially wildan's

ilish+safurah+ilsa-imaan said...

Rumet & QZ.. congrats k! So sweet to see how Arianna treats her brother :) How Imaan will be as 'welcoming' as that when his trun eventually comes!

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