Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Never Delay To Blog

Some of the reasons why:

1) You'll have too many things to blog about and eventually you'll give up and blog only on your current event.
2) When your blog doesn't have the continuity factor, you'll lose visitors.
3) When you lose visitors to your blog, advertisers would not put anymore cool adverts on your page.
4) When you lose advertisements, you'll get less money.
5) Less money, less motivation to blog.
6) Less motivation to blog... then you'll end up like the common people who owns a diary but never write anything in it.

Apa la aku mengarut ni....

This post is about Wildan's Aqiqah Ceremony. It was held on the 18th of October 2008. If you are a follower of this blog since 2006, you would have remembered that I did the same ceremony for Arianna. By right the best way to perform Aqiqah on your child is to pick the sheep/goat/cow from the farm. Buy the animal from the owner with Akad and finally slaughter the animal on your own. But nowadays most fathers would not endure those process and will just go to a restaurant or meet a food caterer, pay the money and Akad on behalf of him to slaughter the animal.

But a real man like me will not do that la. Apa kelas akad and niat pakai telefon je. Pegi kandang la macam ni!

The obligatory sheep head picture. This time I managed to cut 2 sheep heads off. Haha.

The most Afdhal way to perform an Aqiqah ceremony is to have it done on the 7th day of the baby's age. On that day the family will invite their family and friends for a feast of the Aqiqah meat. So the best way to serve Aqiqah meat by cooking it sweet. On that day it self, the baby will go through a process of Tahnik and Cukur Rambut. Tahnik is a process of giving the baby the taste of sweet. It can be in the form of Kurma, Honey or some sweet kuih if you have to. The reason for giving this sweet taste is so that the baby will be a strong person and have a sweet tooth (haha). But in the Malay culture, they'll add the taste of sour, salty and spicy. As a symbol of the baby to taste all the flavors in life.

We performed Wildan's Aqiqah on his 8th day of age. 1 day late to get the maximum points from God :)

But we are grateful enough to have an Ulama' to perform the Tahnik on Wildan. The Ustaz lead the reciting of Yasin and then performed the Tahnik on Wildan with Kurma a.k.a dates. What more can you ask for when you get a Hafiz of Quran to perform that ceremony on Wildan!

In the Malay culture, we'll have berzanji, ayun buai and cukur jambul on this day. We did that for Arianna. But this time with Wildan we want to do a more proper Islamic ceremony for him. But we can never skip the cukur jambul part as they are uncles, aunties, grandpa and grandma that would love to touch the baby's head.

So the father will carry the baby and go for one round from one person to another to give them a chance to cut a bit of the baby's hair. But the Ustaz added for us, it's best that the person who cuts the hair do a small doa for the baby's well being when cutting the hair. From the start of the Yasin to this stage I'm a bit occupied with the ceremony that I did not have the chance to snap pictures. I gave the camera to my brother... too bad the pictures are all blur. Sorry Wildan.

Soon after the Tahnik and Cukur Jambul, everybody is invited for lunch. The picture above is one of the sheep. It is prepared by House of Pakeeza. They are specialising in Mogul Cuisine. One whole sheep is cooked in the steamer with rice being stuffed in the sheep's stomach. The best part of cooking it this way where the sheep is steamed for 6 hours is that you can eat every bit of the sheep's meat. Nothing is stucked to the bones. Its not good to waste Aqiqah meat!

But to tell you the truth, I'm not so satisfied with the cooking. It's dry and surprisingly tasteless. I bet the best way to eat this dish is to accompany it with some gravy like curry, dhall or etc. It's okay. Insya Allah when we moved in to the new house, I'll cut one more sheep and we'll cook it bbq style!

When almost everybody has left the function, we appointed my uncle to perform the Cukur Rambut ceremony on Wildan. He is our self claimed family expert in shaving baby's head. But as you see in the picture above, the father also contributed a bit on balding the baby.

The picture above just to show Wifey's expression while her son's head being clean up. Basically I'm satisfied with the ceremony. We managed to give a proper welcome for Wildan to the world. We performed the cukur rambut which according to the Ustaz will make the baby stronger and the best is to do it every 7 days. We started off the ceremony with Yasin and I am so happy for this. Thank you for everybody who came, bring presents for Wildan and big thanks for my family which made this event possible and a successful one.

Ok people.. thank you for reading this post with the English yang berterabur tak hingat! I promise to write a better review on the next Aqiqah ceremony for my next child. Hehe....


Hambali ® said...

Kambing bakaq tu nampak sangat menarik.

Apa-apa pun tahniah hang sekeluarga. Dah cukup sepasang dah. Nak tutup akaun dah ka ?

rumet said...

haha... kene tanya pemegang akaun la...

Anonymous said...

how is cukur rambut makes a baby stronger? would love to know

Julie said...

rumet, sedap jer aku rasa kambing & nasi tuh.. hehe.. balik rumah terus tido.. ngantuk tak hingat.. nanti bbq kat rumah baru jgn lupa ajak aku ok? for info, kat kelantan memang style mcm Ustaz tu buatla, lepas cukur rambut and tahnik, the crowd will selawat, and the father will carry around the baby for the crowd to cut the hair/usap kepala sambil berdoa.. we dont do naik buai, berzanji things.. semoga wildan menjadi al-hafiz mcm al-hafiz yg tahnikkan dia.. :)

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