Thursday, October 09, 2008

The last dinner

As you can see from the ticker above, Wifey is 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant. The CTG scan yesterday shows low contraction and the opening is only 2-3cm. The passage is soft enough but Wifey would not allow the doctor to induce the delivery. (as she was induced during Arianna)

So the doctor did a sweep and stretch help help open the passage bigger and Wifey is hoping that it will help to increase the contractions. She also told the doctor that we will go and have a long walk and will come back the next day and see how's the progress.

Then we went to IKEA for the long walk. I took the day off and we walk and walk and walk...
Me working on permanent EU shift does not give time for Wifey and I to enjoy the last days of her freedom. Since I took the day off, we went for the "last" dinner at....

Toh Yuen Restaurant, PJ Hilton .. again!

the happy face sebab berjaya escape dari kena induce :P

budak kecik ni masuk kereta, kat stesen minyak pon dah tido!

Wifey's last wish... Corn and Crabmeat Soup.

And Prawns with Dried Chilli & Cashew Nuts.. I added the fried rice

Towards the end of the dinner, budak kecik ni bangunnnnn

So that's about it, we are going to check on the progress in a while. But I can guarantee that the doctor will induce this baby today..... Wish us luck!!!!


Hambali ® said...

woho makan tak hengat

apa-apa pun aku sefamily mendoakan supaya hang semua selamat; baik mak, baik anak dan jugak pak dia sekali

jangan lupa habaq mai apa2 perkembangan terkini

headsteadi said...

makan tak ajak siot! wish you safe arrival of the newborn.

UL said...

dah deliver dah ke rumets?

Anonymous said...

congrats dah dapat baby boy!!

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