Saturday, October 11, 2008

5.50am 11th October 2008

The baby had his first poopy! This means that his internal system is working fine. As he is supposed to be taken to the nursery at 6am anyway, I buzzed the nurse to take him a bit earlier. It's always a sad moment for me when my baby is taken away to the nursery for the first time after spending the night with us. But that is just for the first time lah.. during Arianna's time, we paged the nurse to take her away on the second night so that we can have better sleep :P

BTW... i haven't had my proper sleep yet. Pity Wifey, I think she had total of less than 2 hours of sleep so far as she needs to breastfeed the baby once in every 2 hours. With the baby is not used to being fed through the mouth and not sure whether there's enough milk being supplied, it is a tiring night.

While the baby is busy getting a bath, BCG and Hepatitis B injections and etc, this should be the best time for us to catch some sleep.


Effa said...

congrats to u both! bila nk announce name? ;)

sikulat said...


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