Monday, October 06, 2008

2 days to go

As early as 9am we went to the hospital for Wifey's appoinment. Arianna pon belum bangun lagi.
The nurse put on the CTG device and we began monitoring the baby's heartbeat and the contraction level. After about 30 minutes of monitoring, the doctor came and informed that the contraction is not that strong yet. He'll give it until the due date to decide. Before we left, the doctor checked the "passage". How? Poke in his finger into the hole and concluded that passage is 2cm dilated. The baby requires an opening of 10cm to be able to squeeze his way out of the mother for normal delivery.

After the check-up we went to fetch Arianna from KJ from brunch. We went to Old Town White Coffee Kelana Jaya, near the big Giant next to the LDP.

Arianna shared Kuay Teow Sup with Ibu.

And I had a bowl of Curry Mee. Btw my weight is now back to 86kg. 2kg increment in 6 days.

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mizzPink:) said...

a day 2 go..gudluck ibu..aunty pink doa sume ok yaa..muahsss

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