Tuesday, October 07, 2008

1 day to go

We are currently having breakfast in uptown. Just to add more salt to Esah's comment on the Raju post .

3pm update: I went to Immigration Office just now to collect the Visit Pass for the maid which is supposed to be ready in 3 working days starting last Monday. And to my dissappoinment the pass is not ready yet "considering" it's a festive season. Damn it! "Consider" this lah! I'm a Malay and I'm working like usual no matter it's my festival or not, my Wife is giving birth anytime soon and I need a maid and damn it I went through the heavy rain to get to the Immigration office and for this kind of result and now my pants are wet from knee to toe.. siot lah!


Anonymous said...

the moment i saw village park.. i know what u gonna sayyyy.. siot jeee
pegi melantak kedai2 kiteorg suke uhuuhhuuhuh

rumet said...

hahahaha... that would be the last.
until qz abes pantang :P

Farra said...

aku plak yg berdebar..blom bersalin lg rupanya qz..musim raya lg biasa la tu..sembap

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