Thursday, October 30, 2008

Adik beradik bermanja-manja

Happy 20 days old Wildan! In another 24 days you'll be out of the confinement home and we'll explore the world together. The pictures below were taken on the 25th October 2008. One day before we went to the hospital for a follow up to check on your jaundice condition. Your weight that time was 3.4Kg. Six hundred grams increase from the day you were born.

Alhamdulillah today you look better and stronger and have started to be a playful baby as you should be. And not to forget you have becomed too clingy to your Ibu that the Malay proverb "berkepit bawah ketiak Ibu" fits you very well.

Nevertheless you are also clingy to your sister. Ayah realized that you are well behaved when you are with Ibu (1st), Arianna (2nd), the maid (3rd), nenek and Opah (4th) then Ayah (5th). Ayah came on top of maybe Atuk Q which rarely holds you and some total strangers. We wouldn't know you compatibilty with strangers yet as your sister would not allow you to be held by other than the 5 people above.

In this post Ayah attached a few pictures of you with Kakak. This is actually a signature position for Kakak and Ibu when Kakak wants to sleep. Comfortable eh?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wildan's Birth Registration

I am 5 days late. There will be a RM5 penalty i think for registering late. I couldn't avoid it this time. I am far a busier father compared to the time when we received Arianna.

And to wait for 30 people to finish their registration before my turn, I just hope that I can make it to my EU shift.

Speed Dating For Muslim

This is one of those post that I should have done long time ago. Few months back my sister came up with an idea to organize a Muslim Speed Dating Event for Professionals. What is it different from other speed dating event ? First it's target participants are of the same faith which is Islam. Secondly you are only eligible to take part if you are a working professionals.

I think when working professionals reaches certain point of age, there's not many chances for them to meet new people. They will hang out with their same group of friends which most of them are married. They will be too busy with their careers. And at that age they will be so independent so that they can't justify why they need a life companion in the first place.

So speed dating will try to eliminate the lack of "candidate" factor by giving you a chance to date 8-10 person in one night! Next problem is lack of confidence. The reason for some of these professionals still being single until the age of near 30 (or more) is that they are shy to approach their opposite sex. In a way speed dating will help because most of them who participate are shy. There you go... you have something in common already!

Still not convinced? Let put it this way then. You pay RM50 and what you'll get is dinner, a date with at least 8 ladies or men (and non of them will be jealous) and you can claim that you have went out on a date this year! Really you have nothing to lose..

So for more info on when is the next event will take place, go ahead and have a peek at This is one of (maybe the only one) the Speed Dating For Muslim Service available in Malaysia. At least in Klang Valley.

As I'm writing this post, I can see that there's an event coming up on the 14th and 21st of November 2008. Just to inform you all that they had their first date sometime before Ramadhan and I heard it was a successful one. You need testimonials? Drop me a message.. I know someone who went for the first date :)

*This is not a paid post. Damn!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Never Delay To Blog

Some of the reasons why:

1) You'll have too many things to blog about and eventually you'll give up and blog only on your current event.
2) When your blog doesn't have the continuity factor, you'll lose visitors.
3) When you lose visitors to your blog, advertisers would not put anymore cool adverts on your page.
4) When you lose advertisements, you'll get less money.
5) Less money, less motivation to blog.
6) Less motivation to blog... then you'll end up like the common people who owns a diary but never write anything in it.

Apa la aku mengarut ni....

This post is about Wildan's Aqiqah Ceremony. It was held on the 18th of October 2008. If you are a follower of this blog since 2006, you would have remembered that I did the same ceremony for Arianna. By right the best way to perform Aqiqah on your child is to pick the sheep/goat/cow from the farm. Buy the animal from the owner with Akad and finally slaughter the animal on your own. But nowadays most fathers would not endure those process and will just go to a restaurant or meet a food caterer, pay the money and Akad on behalf of him to slaughter the animal.

But a real man like me will not do that la. Apa kelas akad and niat pakai telefon je. Pegi kandang la macam ni!

The obligatory sheep head picture. This time I managed to cut 2 sheep heads off. Haha.

The most Afdhal way to perform an Aqiqah ceremony is to have it done on the 7th day of the baby's age. On that day the family will invite their family and friends for a feast of the Aqiqah meat. So the best way to serve Aqiqah meat by cooking it sweet. On that day it self, the baby will go through a process of Tahnik and Cukur Rambut. Tahnik is a process of giving the baby the taste of sweet. It can be in the form of Kurma, Honey or some sweet kuih if you have to. The reason for giving this sweet taste is so that the baby will be a strong person and have a sweet tooth (haha). But in the Malay culture, they'll add the taste of sour, salty and spicy. As a symbol of the baby to taste all the flavors in life.

We performed Wildan's Aqiqah on his 8th day of age. 1 day late to get the maximum points from God :)

But we are grateful enough to have an Ulama' to perform the Tahnik on Wildan. The Ustaz lead the reciting of Yasin and then performed the Tahnik on Wildan with Kurma a.k.a dates. What more can you ask for when you get a Hafiz of Quran to perform that ceremony on Wildan!

In the Malay culture, we'll have berzanji, ayun buai and cukur jambul on this day. We did that for Arianna. But this time with Wildan we want to do a more proper Islamic ceremony for him. But we can never skip the cukur jambul part as they are uncles, aunties, grandpa and grandma that would love to touch the baby's head.

So the father will carry the baby and go for one round from one person to another to give them a chance to cut a bit of the baby's hair. But the Ustaz added for us, it's best that the person who cuts the hair do a small doa for the baby's well being when cutting the hair. From the start of the Yasin to this stage I'm a bit occupied with the ceremony that I did not have the chance to snap pictures. I gave the camera to my brother... too bad the pictures are all blur. Sorry Wildan.

Soon after the Tahnik and Cukur Jambul, everybody is invited for lunch. The picture above is one of the sheep. It is prepared by House of Pakeeza. They are specialising in Mogul Cuisine. One whole sheep is cooked in the steamer with rice being stuffed in the sheep's stomach. The best part of cooking it this way where the sheep is steamed for 6 hours is that you can eat every bit of the sheep's meat. Nothing is stucked to the bones. Its not good to waste Aqiqah meat!

But to tell you the truth, I'm not so satisfied with the cooking. It's dry and surprisingly tasteless. I bet the best way to eat this dish is to accompany it with some gravy like curry, dhall or etc. It's okay. Insya Allah when we moved in to the new house, I'll cut one more sheep and we'll cook it bbq style!

When almost everybody has left the function, we appointed my uncle to perform the Cukur Rambut ceremony on Wildan. He is our self claimed family expert in shaving baby's head. But as you see in the picture above, the father also contributed a bit on balding the baby.

The picture above just to show Wifey's expression while her son's head being clean up. Basically I'm satisfied with the ceremony. We managed to give a proper welcome for Wildan to the world. We performed the cukur rambut which according to the Ustaz will make the baby stronger and the best is to do it every 7 days. We started off the ceremony with Yasin and I am so happy for this. Thank you for everybody who came, bring presents for Wildan and big thanks for my family which made this event possible and a successful one.

Ok people.. thank you for reading this post with the English yang berterabur tak hingat! I promise to write a better review on the next Aqiqah ceremony for my next child. Hehe....

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I had to put in the tickers above as I'm easily confused on Wildan's age. Padahal lahir 10 haribulan tu.

So on Saturday 25th October is the day that the umbilical cord attached to Wildan's navel fell off. Its a great relieve for us all as it took a pretty long time compared to Arianna's. Sampai kene beli one box of 100s alchohol swabs lah!

On that day also, I went to pick up our maid. So we hope that she can help to do some house chores and kids related stuffs. And hopefully starting from today Wifey can have a proper confinement. Total money spent to get the maid is RM4500 plus some photostatting and traveling expenses to the Immigration office etc...

I haven't looked into the pictures to update in this blog. Hopefully I can do it over this weekend. Deepavali is coming up this Monday. Happy Deepavali to all my friends yang celebrate. So far I've received 3 Raya open house invitations for that day but unfortunately I'll be working from 3pm to midnight.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The New Hairstyle

I want to update on the event that ended up with Wildan being bald, but I am a bit busy doing the laundry, taking care of the other child, doing the errands, preparing the confinement stuffs for the wife and I have yet to register Wildan's birth certificate.

And by the way, Wildan's jaundice level increased yesterday to 15.5. He went back home last Friday with 13. Hmm... ok lah.. got to go to work!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

We are finally back home

Last Wednesday we noticed that Wildan's eyes were extra yellow. We took him to KPJ Hospital in Kajang and his bilirubin level is 24mg. Multiply that with 17 to get the reading in millimoles and you'll get 408. Babies are usually admitted when the reading reaches 250.

The doctor admitted Wildan to the phototherapy ward and put him under double photo. From the video below, I can tell you Wildan is not the only one crying lah.

After 4 hours under the lights, the doctor took somemore blood to check the bilirubin level. And sadly the level is now 26.4mg! The doctor had to put in the drip to dilute the level of bilirubin in the blood as highly concentrated bilirubin in the blood floing o the blood can cause damage to the nerves. The 1st one to go would be the hearing nerves.

This is a very alarming stage. If it reaches 29 - 30 mg, Wildan would need to undergo blood transfusion.

Three hours under the lights with drip, the test was done again. Alhamdulillah the reading has reduced to 22.5mg. I left Wifey to babysit Wildan at the hospital as I have to take care of Arianna at home. After all Wifey only managed to get a 5 bedded room, so no visitors are allowed to accompany throughout the night. The next morning the test was done again and the reading has reduced to 19.8mg.

So on Friday morning the test was done again. Wildan is pinkish and his eyes are not as yellow. The result is 13mg! Alhamdulillah Wildan is allowed to go back home. We went back to Kelana Jaya as on Saturday there's a celebration for Wildan.

Thanks to all for your prayers for Wildan's recovery. May God bless you all.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I am so busy

and if you are wondering why.....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yin and Yang

I wanted to update this yesterday but for unforeseen circumstances, I'm doing it today.

Last Sunday I brought Wifey, Arianna and Wildan to the confinement home a.k.a Rumah Nenek (to Arianna) a.k.a The Alcatraz (to Wifey). Wifey did her confinement for Arianna here as well and we roughly know what to expect and we are trying to make the best out of it. So basically here is where Wifey will spent her next 44 days in.

Siapa la yang manja tu..

See the carpet in the middle of the room? I slept there for the past 2 nights.

Wildan is so small compared to the big crib we bought for him.

Reason why I had to sleep on the floor.

So on his first night spent outside the hospital, Wildan woke up every hour throughout the night. Pretty much expected by all the parents all over the world right? And Arianna woke up at 3am and accompanied her brother until Subuh when she went back to sleep.

Regarding the title above, Arianna was born with 3.25kg body weight. She was a tough girl with solid body. While Wildan is borned 2.8kg and you can see his skinny legs and skeletal structures. Partly because Wifey had a tough pregnancy. On normal nights, we will sleep with the air-cond on and will try to put Arianna under the blanket. Usually less than 5 minutes after that, she will be out of the blanket. When the air-cond is off in the middle of the night, she will roll on the bed and find a spot which is directly under the fan.

In Wildan's case, we point where we take off his clothes for mandi or tukar pampers, he will start crying and his body will start to shiver. If the air-cond is on and we carry him pass through the flow of the cold air, he will start to sneeze.

How are we supposed to please this two kids? The only logical solution is to sleep in separate rooms but you can see how attached Arianna is to her mother still. So for the past 2 nights we did not switch on the air cond and put the fan speed to 1. And yes Arianna did find her spot under the fan but she was sweating the whole night. But surprisingly she did not cry or complaint. A 2 year old also knows the meaning of sacrifice for her brother. Ala.. Arianna kan anak Ayah. People can claim that they can sleep while sitting or driving or even standing. But I can sleep while taking a pee. People sleep walking, I did sleep bathing! Hah! My uncle did tell me once that my dad did sleep while riding his bicycle! Haha.... setakat tade air-cond ni... tade hal la kan Arianna?

The post is getting a bit too long right? Let me continue on the next post. Basically we are doing fine in the confinement environment. The only thing that worries us now is that we are seeing blood stains in Wildan's urine. Any doctors reading this blog?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

One day with Kakak Arianna

Yesterday I fetch Arianna from Kelana Jaya to take her to the hospital to babysit her newborn brother. The doctors verified that the mother and son are fine and healthy, the mother is adviced to stay one more night to let the body recuperate better.

As soon as Arianna set eyes on her brother, as usual there'll be dozens of questions popping out from her mouth. "Adik buat apa tu?", "Adik minum susu apa?", "Kenapa adik minum susu perut ibu?" etc etc. Few minutes after that, came the big sister role playing game. "Nak bagi adik pakai mittens", "Nak dukung adik", "Nak sayang adik", "Nak letak adik atas katil", "Nak bagi adik pegang toy" etc etc. For those who know Arianna, you would know what to expect from her lah...

Sayang adik

Nak tengok adik dalam katil die..

Nak sapu kepala adik

The closest she can get to dukung adik. Is to baring beside her brother

Sisterly and brotherly love.

Both of you will have to take care of each other. Watch each other's back and etc when Ayah and Ibu are not around one day. Ayah and Ibu will try our best to prepare you two to face the world. Insya Allah.

So yesterday everybody from Wifey's family came except for Ina as she is in Singapore. My parents came to collect Arianna back home. Apparently her Pak Su misses her. Thanks to Farul & family for coming, and congratulations on the great news. Not to forget Uncle Ceng, thanks for coming. We know you are very busy with your sales :)

All the visitors will not fail to ask the name of the baby. And we appointed Arianna as the introducer to our newborn prince. "Apa nama adik Arianna?" Off and on she will answer, "Wildan". That's it. Welcome Wildan bin Azril to the community. He will get the Well Done jokes through his entire life. But the joke won't be on him when he and his sister Arianna take over or build a bigger empire than this:

Photo credit to

Haha. enjoy your weekend people!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

5.50am 11th October 2008

The baby had his first poopy! This means that his internal system is working fine. As he is supposed to be taken to the nursery at 6am anyway, I buzzed the nurse to take him a bit earlier. It's always a sad moment for me when my baby is taken away to the nursery for the first time after spending the night with us. But that is just for the first time lah.. during Arianna's time, we paged the nurse to take her away on the second night so that we can have better sleep :P

BTW... i haven't had my proper sleep yet. Pity Wifey, I think she had total of less than 2 hours of sleep so far as she needs to breastfeed the baby once in every 2 hours. With the baby is not used to being fed through the mouth and not sure whether there's enough milk being supplied, it is a tiring night.

While the baby is busy getting a bath, BCG and Hepatitis B injections and etc, this should be the best time for us to catch some sleep.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hey hey hey look who's here

At 4pm we went to the hospital again as Wifey was bleeding again. The doctor decided to admit her in to avoid Wifey trying to escape from being induced. He gave Wifey the inducer medication at around 5pm and he left for the day. He said the next CTG scan would be around 8.30pm, so he let us rest in the ward instead of the transit room.

Wifey still smiling while resting in the room. Could this be her last smile for the day?

By 6.15pm the contractions are getting more frequent and by 6.40pm the contraction is every 2 minutes. And by 6.45pm we requested for Wifey to be sent to the transit room again. See her expression now!

By 7pm Wifey was given the "ubat berak" and asked to change to wear the Operation Theater uniform. The doctor is paged to come to the hospital and soon after Wifey changed her clothes, she was sent to the Delivery Room.

As soon the doctor arrived, he changed his uniform and 10 minutes after he enters the delivery room the baby is out! This time I even had the chance to cut the umbilical cord.. yahooo!

This delivery is so much different compared to Arianna. During her time, Wifey took a total of 9 hours from the point we reach the hospital. Wifey was given IV drip as well as pain killer shots. This time, nak inject pain killer pon tak sempat... heheh.

At 7.50pm 10th October 2008 / 10 Syawal Arianna's brother was born.

Peek one eye 1st

Bonding bonding bonding...

In the nursery.. kesejukan ke kelaparan?

Dah hensem dah lepas mandi

What is his name? I'll announce that on my next post. Today Wifey, Arianna & Brother and I would like to wish million thanks to all your prayers and well wishes. We truly appreciate it :)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The last dinner

As you can see from the ticker above, Wifey is 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant. The CTG scan yesterday shows low contraction and the opening is only 2-3cm. The passage is soft enough but Wifey would not allow the doctor to induce the delivery. (as she was induced during Arianna)

So the doctor did a sweep and stretch help help open the passage bigger and Wifey is hoping that it will help to increase the contractions. She also told the doctor that we will go and have a long walk and will come back the next day and see how's the progress.

Then we went to IKEA for the long walk. I took the day off and we walk and walk and walk...
Me working on permanent EU shift does not give time for Wifey and I to enjoy the last days of her freedom. Since I took the day off, we went for the "last" dinner at....

Toh Yuen Restaurant, PJ Hilton .. again!

the happy face sebab berjaya escape dari kena induce :P

budak kecik ni masuk kereta, kat stesen minyak pon dah tido!

Wifey's last wish... Corn and Crabmeat Soup.

And Prawns with Dried Chilli & Cashew Nuts.. I added the fried rice

Towards the end of the dinner, budak kecik ni bangunnnnn

So that's about it, we are going to check on the progress in a while. But I can guarantee that the doctor will induce this baby today..... Wish us luck!!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

1 day to go

We are currently having breakfast in uptown. Just to add more salt to Esah's comment on the Raju post .

3pm update: I went to Immigration Office just now to collect the Visit Pass for the maid which is supposed to be ready in 3 working days starting last Monday. And to my dissappoinment the pass is not ready yet "considering" it's a festive season. Damn it! "Consider" this lah! I'm a Malay and I'm working like usual no matter it's my festival or not, my Wife is giving birth anytime soon and I need a maid and damn it I went through the heavy rain to get to the Immigration office and for this kind of result and now my pants are wet from knee to toe.. siot lah!

Monday, October 06, 2008

2 days to go

As early as 9am we went to the hospital for Wifey's appoinment. Arianna pon belum bangun lagi.
The nurse put on the CTG device and we began monitoring the baby's heartbeat and the contraction level. After about 30 minutes of monitoring, the doctor came and informed that the contraction is not that strong yet. He'll give it until the due date to decide. Before we left, the doctor checked the "passage". How? Poke in his finger into the hole and concluded that passage is 2cm dilated. The baby requires an opening of 10cm to be able to squeeze his way out of the mother for normal delivery.

After the check-up we went to fetch Arianna from KJ from brunch. We went to Old Town White Coffee Kelana Jaya, near the big Giant next to the LDP.

Arianna shared Kuay Teow Sup with Ibu.

And I had a bowl of Curry Mee. Btw my weight is now back to 86kg. 2kg increment in 6 days.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Raya So Far

On the 2nd day of Raya we went to Raju's for breakfast. After one day of eating ketupat, lemang and rendang we thought it's a good idea to have some roti canai for a change. After all we missed eating roti canai during the fasting month.

Unfortunately later that evening I was down with cirit-birit. My father had it yesterday evening and today it's my turn. Anyway we went back to Cheras again to meet Abah. He just arrived from Semanggol. We had dinner at Mines.

On 3rd day of Raya is my parents' open house. Not many pictures were captured that day. I was so busy clearing the plates, arranging the tables and chairs, replenishing the food and etc. Just for the record, Arianna was wearing the red baju kurung that day.

4th day of Raya... it's my cousin's wedding. Held at Kompleks Seni Islam, Shah Alam. I was the self-appointed photographer :P but I did not stay throughout the event as it's Wifey's turn to get cirit-birit.

Today is the 5th day of Raya. Wifey is still making her frequent visit to the toilet and my brother is following her track as well. We're supposed to visit Ceng and MatNor in Shah Alam today but I guess I have to skip that. My Auntie is also having her Open House today in Kajang... and we are skipping that one too.

So that's about it. Hari Raya full of toilet visits.

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