Friday, September 05, 2008

Sri Ara Apartment FOR RENT

Update: Wifey kept asking me to update this post as she still keep on getting calls asking if the house is still available. Sorry people, the house already has a tenant.

I haven't blogged about us paying the booking fee for the home in Bukit Jelutong right? Let's save that until we've signed the Sales and Purchase Agreement.

In preparation to move in to the new home, Wifey has put up and advert to put our current home in Ara Damansara for Rent. You can have a look at it here.

Basically its a 758sqft 3-rooms walk-up apartment. Its on the 1st floor which means its the most expensive unit. For a walk-up apartment, the ground and the top floor will be the cheapest. Why? The ground floor is because of security reason and the top floor because its a walk-up apartment. Gila apa nak naik tangga sampai tingkat 5 tiap2 hari???!!

We are asking for Rm780 per month (knowing that people will bargain for Rm700, then we'll meet halfway at RM750). The house is fitted with kitchen cabinet complete with hood and hob. In case you are wondering the brand, its Tellini - an Italian company. In the picture below, the fridge, microwave, kettle and dustbin would not be included. But again if you insist on having it, we don't mind increasing the rental price to RM1200 per month. Alahh... member2 punya harga.

As you can see the paint job is still fresh looking. I painted them when we were expecting Arianna. That is about 2 and half year ago. So I can assure you that the paint job is done with love and care, with the intention to raise the small baby in this perfect home.

This is the 2nd bathroom. Its well maintained by our maid as she is the only one utilizing it.

Pictures of the master bedroom? Haa.. that one you have to view it yourselves. I am not in the position to reveal our love nest on the net right?

If you guys do not like my English in the post above, here is the summary of the package that we are offering. Its compiled by Wifey and posted in Mudah as well.

1st Floor
Tasteful Kitchen Cabinet with Hood and Hob
Master bedroom complete with air cond and water heater.
Freshly painted.
High security - close to Guard House.
1 parking lot.
Ideal for family stay.
Walking distance to amenities - convenience shop, laundry, restaurants, children's park etc.

Available January 2009.

Good location - highly accesible to Subang Jaya, USJ, Bandar Sunway, Puchong, Tropicana, Kelana Jaya, Bandar Utama and Petaling Jaya via the North Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE), Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP), the Federal Highway.

For those who are interested, please call Nurul a.k.a Wifey @ 03.22401892 or drop an e-mail to nurulqzaman(at)


Anonymous said...

oh! i heard most tellini's products are from Taiwan. but Fujioh's products are from Italy!

Linda said...

Your house dah ada penyewa ke belum?? Kalau belum, I nak sewa.Pls email me at

xy said...

hey, nice apt, r u planning to sell? i was looking for any residents' comment or chats about the place & bump into ur blog. could u share something more about the apt? i bet it should b queit & not many operators staying, right?
if u interested to sell to me, contact me (xyeso) at hotmail.

apartment for rent said...

very nice apartment there! do use our free classifieds service if you are interested to rent it out.


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