Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Huggies Less

3 days ago as Arianna turned 2 and half years old, she is officially not wearing diapers anymore.
It is on her own good will that she refuses to wear diapers anymore. Quote "Arianna dah besar, tak payah pakai pampers".

It started few weeks back that she starts to tell us that she wants to go to the toilet to pee. Being a lazy father, I will always say "Kencing dalam pampers lah". As time goes by, we think its neccesary to train her to go off diapers and we started to put her on panties. Yeah the g-string and thong type.

Two days ago was amazing, she did not wear diaper even at night. To my surprise she did not wet her bed. Congrats Arianna!

But last night at 5am, she woke up and make some noise to shift to our bed from her crib. Then Wifey realized that she wet her bed. Ahaks! Give chance lah! Its only her 3rd day. I don't mind waking up to change her clothes. Yeah... we need to practice to wake up in the middle of the night anyway with the upcoming Azril Jr. :)

1 comment:

headsteadi said...

hahahaha ... soon i'll be having sleepless nights myself :)

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