Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Happy Happy Happy

There are so many reasons to be happy about.
Happy 35 week pregnant Wifey.
Happy Birthday Ayil.
Happy Independence Day Malaysia.
Happy Study Trip in UK to Ayil and Family.
Happy Study Trip in UK to Beny and Family.
Happy Study Trip in Scotland to Jasmy.
Happy Ramadhan!

And note to each of them.
1) 35 days to go Sayang... you can do it!
2) We missed the buffet dinner celebration at Sheraton Hotel Subang lah Ayil.
3) Happy 51 years old. So?
4, 5 & 6) Take care guys. Don't leave your handbag (with passports in it) lying at the shopping complex. I wont be there to save you guys this time :P
7) Thank God we made it to experience another Ramadhan. Mana vendor nak belanja buffet bukak puasa nie? hahahha

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