Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me...

Last night we went to Toh Yuen Restaurant, Hilton PJ for a double celebrations. The obvious would be my 28th birthday and the other is for Wifey getting the long due grade upgrade. To our batchmates, if you guys are having lower grade than Wifey in TM now.... please consider quiting! With the extra few months backdated cash, we invited the usuals for bukak puasa.

As usual, this small little girl will never want to miss the opportunity to follow. She is still not used to wearing the panties outside the house. Hence she wet the floor last night. And that caused me a few servings of Peking Duck!

As this might be her last outing with her parents that she would be pampered as the only child. I just can't imagine how she would react when she loses all the perks being the one and only.

She only does this to the father. Dengan Ibu dia... punya lah sopan dan penuh tertib.

Hey ... where's my perut boroi? Haha.. screw Herbalife or Juvanex. Not bad what for a 28 year old guy...

3 orang yang tidak berpuasa, dengan alasan masing-masing. Farul is supposed to go back to the office by 9pm to settle some stuffs in order for him to be able to Balik Kampung for this Raya.

The main dish of the night. The Peking Duck. Which until today we are not sure who slaughtered the duck. For RM108 per bird, I think it's really worth it. I don't mind going to this restaurant again just for this duck! Rugi la Ayil n Esah tade malam semalam. But knowing them, they might not even have the guts to give it a try.

The authentic way to eat this duck is to peel the roasted skin and have it with the black sweet sauce.
Either have it skin only.

Or have it with spring roll wraps. Gila sedap siot! I only managed to have 1 last night. Arianna la ni forced me to bring her to the toilet to clean her up.

Then the duck's meat is taken back to the kitchen, to be cooked again with other dishes of your choice. You can opt for Nasi Goreng Itik, Duck Meat with Noodles or in our case we had it fried with Asparagus.

Among the other dishes that we had last nite.

And these two people never fail to be the last one to arrive. They missed the cord soup with crab meat. But it took them a big effort to come. And thanks Ceng for helping me finishing the food. Kau lah kawan sejati! As the others are simply posers. Farul kononnya dah lama being on diet, he can't consume much food anymore. And Tapai being an actor now wants to lose weight from 73kg to 62kilos. And I know that is his insane mind talking.

Last but not least I would like to thank Wifey for the dinner. It's such a great place, marvellous food and for you being extra healthy and energetic last night for the dinner means the whole world to me. Thanks a lot Sayang. And I know that face in the picture is your Master Card advert expression:

Parking and petrol to Hilton PJ = RMxx
Chinese Food dinner = RM xxx
Spending time with Hubby on his birthday night = Priceless.


p/s: I wish my son would share the same birthday with me. But considering Wifey is now still sleeping soundly, I doubt that it'll come true. But I still have 14 hours to pray for a miracle.


headsteadi said...

aiseyman .. spoil makan pakai pulak kat chinese restaurant. tak seshuai botul >

EffaMin said...

Happy bday rumet! Congrats QZ. tu la namanya rezeki baby! ;)

+cheeps+ said...

pada hari baik bulan baik nih, instead of spending lavishly, ape kate ko bayar zakat.. or at least try pose..

but anyway, no matter how gay it might sound.. happy birthday

rumet said...

herman: apa yang tak sesuai? makan pakai tangan? haha...

effa: thanks. yeah rezeki baby jangan ditolak.

cheeps: thanks. btw tahun ni liver aku tak memberi masalah.. so far aku puasa full lagi. at least aku takyah menyamar jadi orang vietnam nak makan kyros kebab. zakat? aku dengar kelantan punya rate murah skit... ko tau tak?

Farra said...

gambo cantik2..mengidam nak kamera canggih2 ni ..btw, Happy Birthday!

wati said...

Happy bestday rumet,cutenya Arianna.....tak sabar nak tengok yg satu lagi tu

rumet said...

thanks Farra.. beli je camera canggih ni.. sekarang sub rm2k dah bule dapat good ones. I bought mine last time rm4k :(

thanks wati...aku pon tak sabar jugak!

AyiL said...

weh aku mkn aa itik!

Anonymous said...

arianna might hv a good chance of winning..try it!

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