Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Zafran

Officially its about 17 days to go, but the way we look at it Arianna's brother is a few days away from arrival. It's time for me to dig out the precious 350D and prepare for the cam-whoring session. After not using it for the past few months, I need some practice and there's no better event to do it other than a Birthday Party.

This is Qyran and Arianna. Something to highlight about Arianna. When she had the Bell's Palsy, the left side of the facial muscle was weak. Hence that part of the face worked harder to produce some expressions. After the Bell's Palsy has recovered, now her left side of the face is producing extra facial expression compared to the right one. See bigger smile on the left and if she blinks her eyes, the left eye would close tighter than the right one.

Cheeky abes la anak saya ni.

This is the birthday boy.

Damn I miss the pictures produced by this camera. It'll be nice to have a wide angle lens though.
25th September is only few days away people!

Happy Birthday Zafran.. enjoy the presents!


headsteadi said...

im counting the months while you're counting the days now. happy to hear your arianna has recovered from bell's palsy.

rumet said...

thanks bro..
dun worry... the months will be days in no time...
start doing push ups.. you are going to need the strong biceps.

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