Tuesday, September 09, 2008

29 days to go

Wifey skipped work again yesterday and she's on MC until Wednesday. Last week she was on MC for the whole week. Apparently the pregnancy is taking a toll on her. So yesterday we went to see the GuyKnee Dr. Zamri and he is actually keen on getting the baby out earlier. He wants to monitor the progress of the baby and mother every week and eventually plan to get the baby out on the 38th week. Which is around the week of 21st - 27th September 2008. This is with the consideration that he will be on leave during Nuzul Quran till the end of that week, and of course Raya Puasa on the 1st week of October. So... how about 25th September? Hehe...

Preparation wise, we are picking up the bits and pieces of what to prepare. Wifey is slowly preparing the stuffs like post pregnancy supplements (Nona Roguy pantang stuffs), packing baby stuffs to bring to the hospital, called a few tukang urut to check on their availability and yesterday she started to prepare the air akar kacip fatimah.

On my part, I'm still pending of a few items:

1) Prepare air selusuh.
2) Find my DSLR to capture the newborn. (Nanti adik Arianna complaint pulak gambar kakak die banyak)
3) Get the maid to come to Malaysia before the delivery!
4) And the other stuffs that a father must do when receiving newborn.

With all the tasks in hand, there are still many things in my head. The house that we purchased is still in the process of S&P agreement preparation stage, my home loan broker haven't get back to me yet on the application status, my Overdraft application is still the same and damn I just happen to deal with a Pain-In-The-Ass kind of officer and for the maid application, I need to produce a copy of Arianna's birth sertificate which I dunno where is it now! Damn la!

And if Wifey goes to labour in 2 weeks time, meaning from there on I'll have to work alone to settle all this! I wish I can go on a holiday after all these are settled. But I doubt we'll have the budget for that by then....

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Anonymous said...

jom la kasik same date ngan amily.. nnt genap2 5mths apart.. and owhh try la epidural cam aku!
gudluck korg! do let us noe when qz is in labour room.

from manchester with lurveeeee

muah muahsss

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