Monday, September 29, 2008

And I was so wrong

For thinking that today there would be less people at the Immigration Office. I went to the HQ in Putrajaya.

The procedure is simple. I spent less than 10 minutes at the counter. The queue to get the number is longer!

Anyway I'm glad I managed to submit it before Hari Raya. Expect to get the maid in 2 weeks time. Hopefully la!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

It's Saturday and I'm guessing that most of us would be back to the hometown by now to celebrate Aidilfitri. If you have internet connection at your high-tech hometown, I would like to wish you all Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin from all of us in rumetqz family. For those who are driving, do it safely. "Pesanan khidmat masyarakat ini dibawakan untuk anda dari AT&T Shell. Jimat petrol dengan formula jimat apa ntah lagi.."

I will be "celebrating" Raya in Klang Valley, as both my parents (in-law and out-law) are based in Kelana Jaya and Cheras respectively. But usually we will go to Alor Star to celebrate Raya at my paternal grandfather's house. This year my cousin is having her wedding on the 4th day of Raya, hence the grandfather is brought here to KL. To Jasmy, Sme and Farul.. we are sorry that we can't make it to our annual visit to Kedai Ikan Bakar Linda Kuala Perlis this year. The obvious reason for not going back to Alor Star is the 11 days to the baby's ETA. Gila apa nak sangkut dalam jam kat highway tu... kang tak pasal2 tempat kelahiran anak aku "Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan". Kalau dapat benefit toll exemption for lifetime takpe jugak!

Back to the ETA - 11 days thingy, here is the progress of the To-Do List.

After a few weeks and months of drama, finally there's a maid that is willing to come to work in Malaysia for low wages and long hours. I just received the biodata yesterday and hopefully by Monday I can submit it to Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia to apply for working visa / permit. It'll take 3 days to process, hopefully they can fulfil that during this festive season. After the visa is obtained, I need to send it back to Indonesia for them to arrange on their part. How fast can they do it? Based on how long does the Malaysian Embassy being on Hari Raya leave. I would be happy if the ETA of the maid to be around the week of 5th - 11th October 2008.

House - Bukit Jelutong
20082008 - I signed the booking / purchase form and paid the 2% of the RM400k to purchase the house in Bukit Jelutong.

22092008 - Wifey and I signed the loan offer letter from Maybank. So far the loan part is the most stressful item of this purchase. We engaged mortgage broker to handle our loan application and to our disappoinment the service sucks a lot. Causing unneccesary stress especially to the pregnant mother. In the end after being a hard to please type of customer, we managed to get a good package. 1st year 2.88% and thereafter BLR-2.2% interest rate.

23092008 - Sales and Purchase (S&P) Agreement finalized. Both party (Vendor and Purchaser) signed the contract and we need to make full payment within 3 months from this day. The remaining 8% out of the 10% downpayment is settled 3 weeks before. Can't remember the date. I'm RM40K poorer (Actually Wifey is RM32K poorer) Haha.

24092008 - Wifey and I went to EPF to withdraw our Account 2 funds. Since we are only taking 75% loan, where the heck are we gonna get the remaining 15% ? Hopefully EPF is efficient enough to disburse the money on time before we reach the 3 months dateline to make full payment. If not I might need to seek help from some of our friends which I heard got some huge funds from Mara or something.


- Baby cot : Bought a new one to be parked permanently in Cheras. Hey, I'm planning to have 8 kids.. gila apa nak bukak and pasang balik the baby cot everytime Wifey need to stay in Cheras.

- Air selusuh : Done.

- Baby's neccessities : Apart from the ones handed down by Wifey's sister, we bought some new ones. Diapers, soap, cotton rolls, blankets and etc all done! One item still pending - Baby's official attire for official wear. Planning to get one pair of nice shirt and pants for the baby in case he celebrates Raya with us this year and for his Aqiqah ceremony.

- Wifey's neccessities : Breast pad purchased! All the minyaks bought earlier. Maternity caretaker informed and she is available during this period.

So basically we are good to go! The world is ready for Azril Jr.

Wow... panjangnye post ni... I don't think people will read to this line. So happy holidays guys!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me...

Last night we went to Toh Yuen Restaurant, Hilton PJ for a double celebrations. The obvious would be my 28th birthday and the other is for Wifey getting the long due grade upgrade. To our batchmates, if you guys are having lower grade than Wifey in TM now.... please consider quiting! With the extra few months backdated cash, we invited the usuals for bukak puasa.

As usual, this small little girl will never want to miss the opportunity to follow. She is still not used to wearing the panties outside the house. Hence she wet the floor last night. And that caused me a few servings of Peking Duck!

As this might be her last outing with her parents that she would be pampered as the only child. I just can't imagine how she would react when she loses all the perks being the one and only.

She only does this to the father. Dengan Ibu dia... punya lah sopan dan penuh tertib.

Hey ... where's my perut boroi? Haha.. screw Herbalife or Juvanex. Not bad what for a 28 year old guy...

3 orang yang tidak berpuasa, dengan alasan masing-masing. Farul is supposed to go back to the office by 9pm to settle some stuffs in order for him to be able to Balik Kampung for this Raya.

The main dish of the night. The Peking Duck. Which until today we are not sure who slaughtered the duck. For RM108 per bird, I think it's really worth it. I don't mind going to this restaurant again just for this duck! Rugi la Ayil n Esah tade malam semalam. But knowing them, they might not even have the guts to give it a try.

The authentic way to eat this duck is to peel the roasted skin and have it with the black sweet sauce.
Either have it skin only.

Or have it with spring roll wraps. Gila sedap siot! I only managed to have 1 last night. Arianna la ni forced me to bring her to the toilet to clean her up.

Then the duck's meat is taken back to the kitchen, to be cooked again with other dishes of your choice. You can opt for Nasi Goreng Itik, Duck Meat with Noodles or in our case we had it fried with Asparagus.

Among the other dishes that we had last nite.

And these two people never fail to be the last one to arrive. They missed the cord soup with crab meat. But it took them a big effort to come. And thanks Ceng for helping me finishing the food. Kau lah kawan sejati! As the others are simply posers. Farul kononnya dah lama being on diet, he can't consume much food anymore. And Tapai being an actor now wants to lose weight from 73kg to 62kilos. And I know that is his insane mind talking.

Last but not least I would like to thank Wifey for the dinner. It's such a great place, marvellous food and for you being extra healthy and energetic last night for the dinner means the whole world to me. Thanks a lot Sayang. And I know that face in the picture is your Master Card advert expression:

Parking and petrol to Hilton PJ = RMxx
Chinese Food dinner = RM xxx
Spending time with Hubby on his birthday night = Priceless.


p/s: I wish my son would share the same birthday with me. But considering Wifey is now still sleeping soundly, I doubt that it'll come true. But I still have 14 hours to pray for a miracle.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Zafran

Officially its about 17 days to go, but the way we look at it Arianna's brother is a few days away from arrival. It's time for me to dig out the precious 350D and prepare for the cam-whoring session. After not using it for the past few months, I need some practice and there's no better event to do it other than a Birthday Party.

This is Qyran and Arianna. Something to highlight about Arianna. When she had the Bell's Palsy, the left side of the facial muscle was weak. Hence that part of the face worked harder to produce some expressions. After the Bell's Palsy has recovered, now her left side of the face is producing extra facial expression compared to the right one. See bigger smile on the left and if she blinks her eyes, the left eye would close tighter than the right one.

Cheeky abes la anak saya ni.

This is the birthday boy.

Damn I miss the pictures produced by this camera. It'll be nice to have a wide angle lens though.
25th September is only few days away people!

Happy Birthday Zafran.. enjoy the presents!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Huggies Less

3 days ago as Arianna turned 2 and half years old, she is officially not wearing diapers anymore.
It is on her own good will that she refuses to wear diapers anymore. Quote "Arianna dah besar, tak payah pakai pampers".

It started few weeks back that she starts to tell us that she wants to go to the toilet to pee. Being a lazy father, I will always say "Kencing dalam pampers lah". As time goes by, we think its neccesary to train her to go off diapers and we started to put her on panties. Yeah the g-string and thong type.

Two days ago was amazing, she did not wear diaper even at night. To my surprise she did not wet her bed. Congrats Arianna!

But last night at 5am, she woke up and make some noise to shift to our bed from her crib. Then Wifey realized that she wet her bed. Ahaks! Give chance lah! Its only her 3rd day. I don't mind waking up to change her clothes. Yeah... we need to practice to wake up in the middle of the night anyway with the upcoming Azril Jr. :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Panduan Solat

23 days to go... Since a few weeks back Wifey has started to pray while seating on a chair.

It's going to be a bit difficult for me to explain on how is it done as I do't know how to translate "duduk antara dua sujud" or "rukuk". So let's have a pictorial....

Haha... hebat tak anak saya ni berlakon?

p/s: This picture is copyrighted and not supposed to be replicated, duplicated or used anywhere without the permission of the actress/model. I know you are going to say "ala gambar amatur camni pon nak copyright ke?". Try first.. get your daughter to wear a full telekung and do a pose like that... when you are done trying and feel like giving up.... come. Show me the money!

Apa la aku merapu ni!!!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

29 days to go

Wifey skipped work again yesterday and she's on MC until Wednesday. Last week she was on MC for the whole week. Apparently the pregnancy is taking a toll on her. So yesterday we went to see the GuyKnee Dr. Zamri and he is actually keen on getting the baby out earlier. He wants to monitor the progress of the baby and mother every week and eventually plan to get the baby out on the 38th week. Which is around the week of 21st - 27th September 2008. This is with the consideration that he will be on leave during Nuzul Quran till the end of that week, and of course Raya Puasa on the 1st week of October. So... how about 25th September? Hehe...

Preparation wise, we are picking up the bits and pieces of what to prepare. Wifey is slowly preparing the stuffs like post pregnancy supplements (Nona Roguy pantang stuffs), packing baby stuffs to bring to the hospital, called a few tukang urut to check on their availability and yesterday she started to prepare the air akar kacip fatimah.

On my part, I'm still pending of a few items:

1) Prepare air selusuh.
2) Find my DSLR to capture the newborn. (Nanti adik Arianna complaint pulak gambar kakak die banyak)
3) Get the maid to come to Malaysia before the delivery!
4) And the other stuffs that a father must do when receiving newborn.

With all the tasks in hand, there are still many things in my head. The house that we purchased is still in the process of S&P agreement preparation stage, my home loan broker haven't get back to me yet on the application status, my Overdraft application is still the same and damn I just happen to deal with a Pain-In-The-Ass kind of officer and for the maid application, I need to produce a copy of Arianna's birth sertificate which I dunno where is it now! Damn la!

And if Wifey goes to labour in 2 weeks time, meaning from there on I'll have to work alone to settle all this! I wish I can go on a holiday after all these are settled. But I doubt we'll have the budget for that by then....

Friday, September 05, 2008

Sri Ara Apartment FOR RENT

Update: Wifey kept asking me to update this post as she still keep on getting calls asking if the house is still available. Sorry people, the house already has a tenant.

I haven't blogged about us paying the booking fee for the home in Bukit Jelutong right? Let's save that until we've signed the Sales and Purchase Agreement.

In preparation to move in to the new home, Wifey has put up and advert to put our current home in Ara Damansara for Rent. You can have a look at it here.

Basically its a 758sqft 3-rooms walk-up apartment. Its on the 1st floor which means its the most expensive unit. For a walk-up apartment, the ground and the top floor will be the cheapest. Why? The ground floor is because of security reason and the top floor because its a walk-up apartment. Gila apa nak naik tangga sampai tingkat 5 tiap2 hari???!!

We are asking for Rm780 per month (knowing that people will bargain for Rm700, then we'll meet halfway at RM750). The house is fitted with kitchen cabinet complete with hood and hob. In case you are wondering the brand, its Tellini - an Italian company. In the picture below, the fridge, microwave, kettle and dustbin would not be included. But again if you insist on having it, we don't mind increasing the rental price to RM1200 per month. Alahh... member2 punya harga.

As you can see the paint job is still fresh looking. I painted them when we were expecting Arianna. That is about 2 and half year ago. So I can assure you that the paint job is done with love and care, with the intention to raise the small baby in this perfect home.

This is the 2nd bathroom. Its well maintained by our maid as she is the only one utilizing it.

Pictures of the master bedroom? Haa.. that one you have to view it yourselves. I am not in the position to reveal our love nest on the net right?

If you guys do not like my English in the post above, here is the summary of the package that we are offering. Its compiled by Wifey and posted in Mudah as well.

1st Floor
Tasteful Kitchen Cabinet with Hood and Hob
Master bedroom complete with air cond and water heater.
Freshly painted.
High security - close to Guard House.
1 parking lot.
Ideal for family stay.
Walking distance to amenities - convenience shop, laundry, restaurants, children's park etc.

Available January 2009.

Good location - highly accesible to Subang Jaya, USJ, Bandar Sunway, Puchong, Tropicana, Kelana Jaya, Bandar Utama and Petaling Jaya via the North Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE), Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP), the Federal Highway.

For those who are interested, please call Nurul a.k.a Wifey @ 03.22401892 or drop an e-mail to nurulqzaman(at)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Happy Happy Happy

There are so many reasons to be happy about.
Happy 35 week pregnant Wifey.
Happy Birthday Ayil.
Happy Independence Day Malaysia.
Happy Study Trip in UK to Ayil and Family.
Happy Study Trip in UK to Beny and Family.
Happy Study Trip in Scotland to Jasmy.
Happy Ramadhan!

And note to each of them.
1) 35 days to go Sayang... you can do it!
2) We missed the buffet dinner celebration at Sheraton Hotel Subang lah Ayil.
3) Happy 51 years old. So?
4, 5 & 6) Take care guys. Don't leave your handbag (with passports in it) lying at the shopping complex. I wont be there to save you guys this time :P
7) Thank God we made it to experience another Ramadhan. Mana vendor nak belanja buffet bukak puasa nie? hahahha

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