Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tribute to Auntie Kell and Auntie Majang

This is a tribute to Auntie Kell who gave this lovely t to Arianna. And also a tribute to Auntie Majang who decided to safe keep the t sampai arianna can fit into it :).

In the pics above, Arianna mengayakan t shirt putih berbunga merah jambu dari PON*Y and seluar hijau askar dari PON*Y juger. With the amount of money weve spent on PON*Y , arianna can qualify herself as the unofficial ambassador for the brand.

Anyway , special thanks to Auntie Kell for the lovely t. Cam tau 2 je thats Ibu's fav brand for Arianna :).


effa said...

ni latest pic ke? apsal qz x nampak cam pregnant pon? :p hikhik..

Auntie kell said...

thanks for the tribute, what a fuss. very terharu. must take meet up arianna and mueya's hana aisyah with that t. yelah, takkan baby is that small?

note to self: must buy po*y for baby

nurulqz said...


I may not look very pregnant... but i feeel very pregnant okay... mengah cm ade tujuh budak lam perut!!!


No fuss at all... pleasant surprise biler majang bagi harituh.. now i feel bad for not getting imran anything.. taperlaa... ill make it up when ur back kay? biler laa tuh?

Izansharif said...

hehehhe...nasib muat,ampun kell delivery agak delay...:)

Farra said...

yelah..slim preggy mom :)..senang le nak slim balik lps deliver

Afidalina Tumian said...

sat2.. from the pictures..i thot kell bagi uSqueez..wakakaa.. cute2!

auntie kell said...

qz, you forgot meh? imran got cash kat munawarrah la. oklah tuh..but more is always welcomed!

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