Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's semi finalized

Last Friday the agent called me to ask on my feedback on the house that we viewed 2 weekends ago. According to him the owner's asking price is RM440k, but i saw in one website that the house is selling at RM420K. Considering that smaller houses in that area are all selling above RM400K, I made an offer of RM400K.

Yesterday the agent called me and say that the owner agreed on the price. Oh my God! The simplest negotiation ever! Haha... I informed the agent that I'll pay the 2% booking fee latest by Wednesday. So guys... if you are interested, you have 2 days plus to beat me and come up with the cheque :)

Just for some comparison, the corner lot for that phase is selling at RM820K fully renovated. There's one intermediate unit sold at RM595K. That unit is also renovated and with fittings.

The unit that we are hopefully to purchase is a basic unit with basic lightings and grill. The plan is to renovate the house slowly according to our own taste. Hehe... hopefully there are still some funds left to do that lah!

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IreneYaya said...

We're also doing house hunting but dunno the market in Malaysia right now. U8 dekat sekolah kan? My brother bought dulu at 260k (developer's price) and damn now naik harga! =) Good thing u got it at 400k compared the new phase yg overprice.
BTW, good luck to QZ ok and congrats on new upcoming baby (Gonna be a boy this time around eh?). We'll be back in 1 week and thought nak mintak Eewa's contact number. Will organizing akikah/open hs in Trg.

P/S: Dat corner lot sungguh menariks and tertariks!

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