Wednesday, August 13, 2008

56 days to go

In approximately 8 weeks time, Arianna will be upgraded to the post Kakak (slight chance to be Kak Long). Among the perks she will be getting are:

- less attention from Ayah and Ibu
- less "dukung" due to her body weight.
- less pampers (or diapers) as budget for that will be relocated to the little brother.

Haha... macam turun pangkat je.

But Arianna is a strong girl. Now she can appreciate playing on her own, talking to self and etc. Im sure she'll be a great sister. I've managed to find someone to find us a maid. Hopefully she'll reach here by the time the brother arrives.

In the meantime, her parents is strugling to find a home for us to grow. We are now in the like of Bukit Jelutong area. We've set a budget for 400K but the hidden cost is a lot! Mana nak ada budget!!!!

You might want to refer to this website to check among the few hidden cost when buying a house. This guy also explain some of the hidden cost involved. Hmm... like this aaaa... I also need a promotion!


headsteadi said...

lama betul tak update blog yer :p

eLLe said...

cari bank and developer yang absorb all the legal cost...cari yang offer zero entry cost.

Anonymous said...

hi..yup.. elle is right. try finding a property yang developer/bank absorb all costs. don't forget later on the MOT that u need to execute.. can come up puluhan ribu juga. other than that, try cari new properties yg developer ada Free legal fees, stamp duty, MOT, extra rebate, 0 progress payment etc etc. ada semua tu.. u just need to look up a little bit. and kalau tak boleh afford landed just yet, try going for apartments yg ada very good appreciation value for resale. GOOD LUCK!!

rumet said...

thanks for the advice.tapi mmg nak beli rumah sub sale la.btw MOT tu apa?

eLLe said...

Anonymous said...

I believe its memorandum of transfer. yup dont forget those costs dude. look it up

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