Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tribute to Auntie Kell and Auntie Majang

This is a tribute to Auntie Kell who gave this lovely t to Arianna. And also a tribute to Auntie Majang who decided to safe keep the t sampai arianna can fit into it :).

In the pics above, Arianna mengayakan t shirt putih berbunga merah jambu dari PON*Y and seluar hijau askar dari PON*Y juger. With the amount of money weve spent on PON*Y , arianna can qualify herself as the unofficial ambassador for the brand.

Anyway , special thanks to Auntie Kell for the lovely t. Cam tau 2 je thats Ibu's fav brand for Arianna :).

Sunday, August 17, 2008

When 1 million ringgit is not enough

For me to carry a 32-inch tv from downstairs to the 1st floor and replace the 10 inches one, so not worth it!

That fella simply broke under pressure and cannot perform at all. His opponent was practically smiling throughout the game and by the time he reaches the match point he is already celebrating.

I never trust the reward system. The best way is always the punishment system. You fail to win gold, we'll put you in jail!

It's semi finalized

Last Friday the agent called me to ask on my feedback on the house that we viewed 2 weekends ago. According to him the owner's asking price is RM440k, but i saw in one website that the house is selling at RM420K. Considering that smaller houses in that area are all selling above RM400K, I made an offer of RM400K.

Yesterday the agent called me and say that the owner agreed on the price. Oh my God! The simplest negotiation ever! Haha... I informed the agent that I'll pay the 2% booking fee latest by Wednesday. So guys... if you are interested, you have 2 days plus to beat me and come up with the cheque :)

Just for some comparison, the corner lot for that phase is selling at RM820K fully renovated. There's one intermediate unit sold at RM595K. That unit is also renovated and with fittings.

The unit that we are hopefully to purchase is a basic unit with basic lightings and grill. The plan is to renovate the house slowly according to our own taste. Hehe... hopefully there are still some funds left to do that lah!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

And for dinner we went for dinner at teppanyaki

with our beloved Arianna!

After being so tired of doing you know what

We went for tea here.

Too bad they dont serve Kopi Jantan or Kopi Abang Kuat or aaahhh you get the idea!

Then we check in to this hotel.

And you know what that sign means right?


And we had lunch

here. While watching Lee Chong Wei beat Sony Dwi Koncoro.

A day with wifey

She took leave today to spend time with me. Start the day with lontong at kedai kelantan.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lupa pulak boleh update blog pakai HTC ni

To Sme,

Life is more than just nasik kandaq, roti banjir, char kuay teow and all those Tanjung food. Try to explore places like Temerloh.They make good ais jagung over there.

Best regards,
Rakan beratur di sebelah masjid kapitan keling.

p/s- ni mesti nak compare dengan ayaq nyiok campoq ais dia ni!

56 days to go

In approximately 8 weeks time, Arianna will be upgraded to the post Kakak (slight chance to be Kak Long). Among the perks she will be getting are:

- less attention from Ayah and Ibu
- less "dukung" due to her body weight.
- less pampers (or diapers) as budget for that will be relocated to the little brother.

Haha... macam turun pangkat je.

But Arianna is a strong girl. Now she can appreciate playing on her own, talking to self and etc. Im sure she'll be a great sister. I've managed to find someone to find us a maid. Hopefully she'll reach here by the time the brother arrives.

In the meantime, her parents is strugling to find a home for us to grow. We are now in the like of Bukit Jelutong area. We've set a budget for 400K but the hidden cost is a lot! Mana nak ada budget!!!!

You might want to refer to this website to check among the few hidden cost when buying a house. This guy also explain some of the hidden cost involved. Hmm... like this aaaa... I also need a promotion!

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