Wednesday, July 30, 2008

70 days to go

thats is about 10 weeks to go. Kudos Wifey! You have made it to the three quarter point of the pregnancy.

Last Friday we went for the 4d scan. The evolution of ultra sound scan is from 2D... flat moving pictures of the baby, 3D ... still 3d pictures of the baby and 4D.. moving 3d pictures of the baby. We would expect 5D scan in the future where you can see the true skin color of the baby and 6D would be ... you would be able to hear the sound of the future baby voice. I think Arianna's grandchildren would have the opportunity to experience that. By that time if they see this post, they would say " gile miskin moyang aku.. mampu buat 4D scan je????". Well it cost rm350 per session to get these pictures you know!

Fingers point to self

Cuba teka dia ikut hidung siapa?

Malu nak amik gambar. Tutup muka.

Expected due date.. 4th October 2008. Raya berapa haribulan?


dali said...

350? ko buat kat mana.

last time i did was only 160

rumet said...

hmmmm... rasanya stated kat dalam gambar tu :)

auntie kell said...

happy belated bday ibu arianna!70 days is like a blink of an eye. syawal baby ey, can join imran syamil la..mane tau jd bdaymates ikut islamic calendar kan?
may Allah be with you all always!
hugs and kisses to the strong kakak Arianna!

Farra said...

it's look like a boy, i guess so..rm350? i never did that :D normal scan jekk

ephol said...

kalo baby boy... letak nama Syawal laaa... tak pun Aidil ataupun Fitri.. ataupun Aidil Fitri... lahir masa hari raya...

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