Wednesday, July 30, 2008

70 days to go

thats is about 10 weeks to go. Kudos Wifey! You have made it to the three quarter point of the pregnancy.

Last Friday we went for the 4d scan. The evolution of ultra sound scan is from 2D... flat moving pictures of the baby, 3D ... still 3d pictures of the baby and 4D.. moving 3d pictures of the baby. We would expect 5D scan in the future where you can see the true skin color of the baby and 6D would be ... you would be able to hear the sound of the future baby voice. I think Arianna's grandchildren would have the opportunity to experience that. By that time if they see this post, they would say " gile miskin moyang aku.. mampu buat 4D scan je????". Well it cost rm350 per session to get these pictures you know!

Fingers point to self

Cuba teka dia ikut hidung siapa?

Malu nak amik gambar. Tutup muka.

Expected due date.. 4th October 2008. Raya berapa haribulan?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Its been a while

since I last posted pictures of Arianna in this blog. Among the reason is its just too heartbreaking for me to snap her picture while she is fighting with the Bell' Palsy thingy. But today she is so cute especially after having her hair cut. Let's enjoy some lah..

This is taken on 6th of July. Approximately 2 weeks after she had it. Can you see her left cheek is not as smily as the right one?

And the rest were taken today. Notice any improvements?

Monday, July 21, 2008

House Hunting

How was your weekend?

We went house hunting. On Sunday as I was working on Saturday. It came to a point where we have to give up on our dream to buy a house in Ara Damansara. The price is getting higher and higher for no valid reason and the amount of units selling are scarce.

We did try to branch out to Seksyen 13, Shah Alam but somehow the feel is not there. The house is leasehold. Not so nice. The only thing that is nice is the price.

So where next? Bukit Jelutong! Good developer Guthrie, now Sime Darby. Low density and lots of access routes to that area. We have Federal Highway, Guthrie Expressway, Glenmarie and NKVE. And the best part is the price over there is going down. There are people who bought their house at 360K at year 2004. And surprisingly, we can get the same house at the same price 4 years after that :)

If we look at it as an investment, then there could be a doubt as we might not be able to sell it back with good profit in the future, but as for now we are looking at a place to raise the family.
Found a good deal... a 22x75 house, fully extended to the back, with kitchen cabinet by IKEA, hood and hob, 4 air-conds, auto gate and alarm system. Selling at 430K.. could that be our next Casa Impian?

Still scouting around. Will be doing the house viewing routine for the next few weeks but not this coming weekend....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Anak Kecil Main Api

I got itchy hands for not blogging for 17 days. Piirahhh.. macam rajin sangat update blog.

For those who was wondering about Arianna on the last post, thanks to the last commenter to clear out the air. Yes, Arianna is diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. Her nerve number 7, left part of her facial muscle is impacted. Causing her not to able to close her left eye, no expressions on her left part of the face and et cetera. People did ask me whether is she in pain, the answer would be no. She does not realize it (verified by the doctor). Only the people surrounding her would notice and can't help not to stare. And at one point of time, she noticed something is wrong with her face that she would user her hand to close her eye and her mouth especially when she cries. Pity her huh? A 2 year old has to learn and face the fact that something is wrong with her and naturally find a way to hide it.

On the 30th of June is when we took her to see the nuerologist and she is on steroids since then. It lasted for about 12 days and now she is on multivitamin. Apparently Vitamin B12 is the food for the nerve.

We went to see the neurologist again yesterday (16th July 2008) and Alhamudlillah according to him, Arianna is 95% cured and she just have to continue to take the multivitamin. The doctor even said that its okay if Arianna dont want to see him anymore. But we make an appoinment 1 month from now anyway.

To friends and this blog visitors, I would like to take this opportunity to sat thank you for all your prayers for Arianna's health. Only God can repay your good deeds.

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